Chloe Veitch admits that show has negatively impacted love life

Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch believes her time on the show had a huge impact on their love life.

The London babe became a standout star thanks to her sassy charm in the first season of the sex-ban dating series.

But it turns out that not only does she not find love in the slippery mansion, but also fights outside.

Speak with metro, Chloe stated, “Before I went any further, I definitely thought it would help. But now I have to say it got it handicapped – it can be really hard to know if someone is really real or if they’re going out with you for seeing you on a show.

“And all of my exes crawled out of the woods while I was on the show. So it really builds up barriers. ”

However, she is still searching and wanting to find the one who says, “Everything happens for a reason”.

The British babe is an original cast member in Too Hot To Handle (Image: Netflix)

She also knows that she is ready to meet The One if she finds someone who can break that barrier.

What is Chloe Veitch doing now?

Chloe has definitely been preoccupied with Too Hot To Handle.

Earlier this year, Chloe returned to Netflix to star in The Circle US – a catfishing reality series where you can play whoever you want.

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But Too Hot To Handle was never too far away for her.

She is currently hosting the new spin-off chat show associated with the series, Extra Hot.

Chloe Veitch too hot to touch
Chloe didn’t find love in the mansion (Credit: Netflix)

How can I see the new Too Hot To Handle?

The second season of Too Hot To Handle started today. The first four episodes are now available on Netflix.

Once you’ve gone through this, you’ll have to wait a week for the second batch.

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The last six episodes will be released on June 30th via the streaming service where the winners will be announced.

That is, if they still have prize money to award – the cheeky participants have already lost part of it.

Too Hot To Handle is now available on Netflix.

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