Chris Fountain strikes after being “hacked” by the best spots

Dancing On Ice star Chris Fountain campaigned on the ITV series to have him cut him out of his best special pieces.

The former Coronation Street actor and Hollyoaks, 33, took second place on the show in 2008.

However, after last night’s special (February 21), Chris was stunned to see that he was not performing.

Chris Fountain prevailed after yesterday’s special on Dancing On Ice (Credit: ITV)

Dancing On Ice: What Did Chris Fountain Say?

Chris went on Twitter and joked about his time on “Must Have Been a Dream”.

He also wrote: “Unfortunately my best pieces were rarely shown on the Dancing On Ice show tonight.

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“I kind of expected it but can’t say I am not disappointed as I gave a hell of a lot to this show, finished second with my partner Frankie in 2008 and then continued to win UK tours of the live show.

“I had some of the best times of my life being part of Dancing On Ice and the tours that followed. I learned more and more about skating from the wonderful professionals and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

Chris also shared, “I’ve always had incredible support from DOI fans, for which I will always be incredibly grateful. Team Fountain was born through my family, friends, and the public. “

The soap star went on to say he was “grateful” for the experience but felt “hacked” from the show’s story.

It’s unfortunate to be almost cut out of the memory of the show’s history.

He continued, “These are times that will stay with me forever. I’m very grateful to them and while it’s unfortunate to be almost cut out of the memory of the show’s story, I know, and the show’s fans know, I’ve been there.

“And I’m very proud of that. My routines don’t have to be on the best show to remind me of what I’ve accomplished. But it would have been nice to see and remember them! “

Chris appeared on Dancing On Ice with partner Frankie (Photo credit: ITV / YouTube)

What did the fans say?

Meanwhile, fans were rushing to endorse the actor who worked with pro Frankie Poultney.

One commented: “I can’t believe you weren’t shown! You are the only one to be remembered! I fucking loved the Cry Me A River routine. Amazing!”

Also, a second wrote, “I loved you both on the show and on the tour.”

A third agreed: “The fact that you are the only non-professional skater who has ever done an axel jump on DOI speaks for itself. Just unbelievable!”

The soap star shared its disappointment on Twitter (Credit:

When did Chris perform on Dancing On Ice?

Chris was runner-up on the third series on the ITV show.

At that time he lost to the winner Suzanne Shaw.

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Meanwhile, in 2013, Corrie fired Chris after a rap video he recorded went viral.

Unfortunately, it went viral for some very uncomfortable reason – its lyrics spoke of sexual abuse of women among other evil rhymes.

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