Chris Packham’s Most Notorious Swear Words and Controversy

Chris Packham is perhaps best known for being a peace-loving animal lover, but he’s also not afraid of a bit of argy-bargy – so what were his most famous swear words?

The Springwatch host has regularly courted controversy when he feels strongly about it – just ask Jeremy Clarkson!

So what put Chris Packham in a foam?

Here’s our rundown of some of his most famous curse words and controversies!

Underneath that smiling, dog-petting exterior lies a curse word waiting to come out (Image Credit: BBC Two)

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Chris Packham complains: I’m a celebrity …

The TV host accused me of being a celebrity … Get me out of here! of “Animal Abuse” in his series.

Chris hit the popular ITV show when he received the TV Choice Award for Best Factual Show in 2019 (and many times since) on behalf of Blue Planet Live.

He told the audience, “A message to I’m a Celebrity … Can you please stop abusing animals on your show?”

The audience is said to have booed him – something that cast a spell over Chris.

He later tweeted, “Oh dear, apparently I was booed at the @TVChoice Awards (?) I’m losing sleep.”

Chris has also requested a police investigation over allegations that I am a star against wildlife laws.

He called for the investigation after fears revealed that bosses released “invasive” crabs into the wild last year.

The Turkish freshwater crayfish could be a “disaster” for British native white crabs because they are more aggressive.

Chris Packham scolds
Mo Farah tackled crabs during I’m a Celebrity 2020 (Image Credit: ITV1)

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Chris Packham complains: fake weed

Chris Packham has slammed “idiots” who turn their gardens into “Barbie’s Legoland” with artificial grass.

The wildlife host unleashed his anger on those who grow artificial grass in their gardens.

He railed on social media and said it would create a “barren plastic desert”.

He made it clear that anyone who digs a real garden to lay the artificial turf wants to live in “Barbie’s Legoland”.

In May 2021, he tweeted an ad with before-and-after photos showing how a landscaper replaced a real lawn with artificial turf.

The ad said the garden “went from a desolate wasteland to a lush lawn in one day”.

However, 60-year-old Chris tweeted: “Wrong – from lush biodiversity to barren plastic desert.

“But don’t worry, we don’t need any wildlife, do we?

“We haven’t found peace and quiet in nature in our gardens last year, have we?

“No. So just tear it open and then live in Barbies’ Legoland. Idiots.”

He then posted a link to an online petition calling on the government to enact a new law requiring anyone thinking of laying artificial grass to get a building permit.

You were told!

Chris Packham scolds
Jeremy Clarkson ridiculed Greta Thunberg and made Chris Packham angry! (Photo credit: ITV)

Chris Packham scolds: Jeremy Clarkson

Chris targets Jeremy Clarkson as the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The hostess criticizes Greta Thunberg.

The naturalist has attacked the “dangerous and unpleasant” Jeremy for another attack on the 16-year-old climate activist Greta.

The 59-year-old Grand Tour presenter made no secret of his contempt for the Swedish eco-warrior.

But his latest rant – in which Jeremy recommended Greta “go back to school and shut up” – did not go unnoticed by Chris.

Chris went to Twitter to address Jeremy directly and wrote, “Hi @JeremyClarkson just saw this rant about @GretaThunberg.

“I know you will think I’m ‘weird’ and ‘a stupid idiot’ but I suggest you sit down and think about what a dangerous and uncomfortable one [bleep] You will be remembered like your grandchildren. “

Of course, just like Chris, Greta has Asperger’s Syndrome.

HS2 plans

Last year Chris Packham took legal action against “illegal” HS2 plans.

The conservationist described Boris Johnson’s decision to advance the rail project as “illegal” and said the environmental costs had not been weighed.

Mr Packham said the review was “compromised, incomplete and flawed”.

He said: “In the year of COP 26, it is time for Boris Johnson to be held accountable.

“At the moment we won at Heathrow.

“The climate impact of HS2 is not compatible with any net zero emissions target and will enable the large-scale expansion of airports instead of Heathrow.”

Chris believes HS2 will damage or destroy nearly 700 wildlife sites, including over 100 Ancient Woodlands.

HS2 is a new high-speed rail link connecting London, the Midlands, the North and Scotland.

Chris Packham scolds
Chris Packham with Michaela Strachan, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams (Image: BBC Two)

Chris Packham controversy: Arrested in Malta

The BBC’s wildlife host was approached by police officers who forced him to stop recording bird hunters in Malta.

The TV favorite was later arrested and charged with assault!

In April 2017, Chris appeared in court but was acquitted of all charges.

The allegations were recognized by the judges as being worthy of a “comedy show”.

In 2014, Chris was arrested by police after a similar heated argument with hunters.

Chris’ Controversies: Death Threats

Chris Packham had to cancel a dog show because of death threats.

The threats came as a result of a series of bird shootings.

Chris helped enforce a ban on farmers indiscriminately shooting at “pest birds” and received a backlash – including severe death threats.

He was forced to cancel his appearance at Dogstival, a new festival for dogs in the New Forest, because of threats to his life.

Chris revealed that he had received a “very calculated” death threat that included “a list of things they could do to him,” including arranging a car accident or poisoning.

He even left two dead birds hanging on the fence of his house.

Chris Packham on casual women
Chris Packham on Loose Women with his dog Scratchy (Image: ITV)

Chris’ controversies: petition to fire him

In 2019, thousands signed a petition calling on the BBC to fire Chris Packham.

An online petition calling on the BBC to dismiss the TV presenter received over 100,000 signatures.

He has been accused of violating the BBC’s guidelines on impartiality.

The petition, initiated by Andrew Hayes, states: “As a member of the BBC, Chris Packham should be impartial and keep his views and beliefs to himself.

“However, he is the face of many anti-hunting campaigns and uses his celebrity status as a platform to advance his anti-hunting agenda.

“His goal is to ban all types of hunting, land sports and recreational activities, and I think he is no longer suitable to work for the BBC.”

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