Chuha Billi review: One stupid climax ruins it!

Chuha Billi

Director: Prasad Kadam

Occupation: Adah Sharma, Anupriya Goenka

Streaming on: Youtube

Two young women, Seerat (Anupriya Goenka) and Katrina (Adah Sharma), live together. The nameplate of the house bears both names. You assume they are a couple. It turns out that they are friends and roommates. Chuha Billi is essentially a conversation between the two ladies that gradually reveals things. But the dialogue is not very exciting in order to captivate you for this 15-minute short film. A dreadfully done dubbing makes it difficult for the ears because the speech modulation does not match the expressions of the actors.

The film deals with mental health problems. A spunky Adah Sharma plays a character struggling with mental health. Adah has a peculiar personality that should be used in more unique narratives. Unfortunately Chuha Billi does nothing for the viewer. Expected after the title, a more exciting short film awaits. But one stupid climax ruined that.

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