Clairvoyant claims to know where the body is buried

Madeleine McCann is buried ten kilometers from her last visit, according to the latest news.

The German clairvoyant Michael Schneider told the police that Madeleine’s body was found in a forest.

MailOnline Police are reportedly investigating the allegations 14 years after the three-year-old disappeared.

Madeleine McCann is dead, a clairvoyant has claimed on the latest news (Image Credit: ITV)

Madeleine McCann News: What Did the Clairvoyant Say?

Since Maddie disappeared from a vacation rental in Portugal on May 3, 2007, several clairvoyants have offered help.

Reportedly, her parents Gerry and Kate McCann have considered “believable” tips since the year of their disappearance.

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In addition, a £ 2 million police investigation launched in 2012 also looked into allegations made by media offering “information”.

Investigators have since looked at 100 approaches by clairvoyants that were previously labeled a waste of resources.

How does Michael Schneider fit in?

Mr. Schneider, 50, believes he knows the “exact coordinates” of Madeleine’s body.

I am very aware of my responsibility for what I do.

The former TV correspondent is said to have passed details to German police officers in May.

He said he told them Madeleine was “dead and buried in a forest six miles from where she was missing”.

He has already supported the police in investigations into missing people, including in Germany and Italy in 2021.

madeleine mccann: Mom's regret over comment
Gerry and Kate McCann paid tribute to Maddie on her 18th birthday last month (Image credit: Splash News)

Schneider’s “technique”

According to reports, Mr. Schneider is looking at photos of the missing person.

Then he asks God if they are alive or dead and points to an atlas or an online map to find them.

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He told the Mirror: “I don’t give such information lightly and without constantly questioning myself because I am very well aware of the responsibility for what I do.

“I am pleased that the BKA apparently takes me seriously.

“Often times you have a reputation for being a freak or someone just trying to get money out of someone and that’s hurtful. I never take money. “

Madeline McCann clairvoyant
Madeleine McCann went missing in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007 (Image: ITV News YouTube)

In May, Gerry and Kate McCann paid tribute to Maddie on her 18th birthday.

In a post on Facebook, they vowed to “never give up” to look for her.

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