Colin It’s a Sin: The character is played by Callum Scott Howells: Who is he?

It’s a sin Colin saw firsthand as the horror of HIV and AIDS.

Unfortunately, actor Callum Scott Howells has also revealed his own tragic loss in real life.

Here’s everything you need to know about actor Callum and his It’s a Sin character Colin.

Callum Scott Howells as Colin in It’s a Sin (Credit: Channel 4)

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What else was Colin Star Callum Scott Howells in?

Callum Scott Howells is an absolute newbie!

His role as Colin in C4’s It’s a Sin is his first TV role.

But it will definitely not be his last!

However, he’s no stranger to stepping on the boards.

Callum was recently cast as Romeo in Gary Owen’s brand new play Romeo and Julie, based on the Shakespeare classic.

Due to the pandemic, however, production has been postponed until further notice.

Callum Scott Howells plays Colin in It’s a Sin

Callum plays Colin Morris-Jones in the 80s drama It’s a Sin.

Colin is a young 18 year old boy at the beginning of the story who moves to London to start a job on Savile Row.

He befriends a man named Henry, and that’s where his journey begins.

He later meets Ritchie, Roscoe and Jill one evening and the gang go on a great journey together.

Actor Callum admits, “Spending time with Neil Patrick Harris was another time I was in awe of seeing someone amazing at work”.

Adds Callum, “I can fully relate to Colin. He comes from a place where he struggles to be himself.

“It is not easy to grow up as a strange person in the valleys. It’s really difficult. We are not many. “

The cast of It’s a Sin is currently airing on Channel 4 on Fridays (Image credit: C4)

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How did Callum relate to his It’s a Sin Colin?

Callum knows what it is like to lose someone to a cruel illness.

Unfortunately, Covid killed two of his grandparents.

As with HIV and AIDS, the Covid pandemic has also produced a great deal of misinformation, false rumors and controversial theories.

Callum recently told The Independent: “I fight for my grandparents.

“You have been most of my life. People deny that Covid-19 is real? I can tell you it’s real because my grandparents are dead.

“Sorry, I know this is really brutal. I’m sorry if you can find this right away. “

Unfortunately, before the show aired, his grandparents died after contracting coronavirus.

Where does a Sin Colin Star Callum come from?

Callum, 21, is a Welsh actor from the village of Tonyrefail in the Rhonda Valley in South Wales.

He previously studied at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Theater in Cardiff.

Callum Scott Howells as Colin in It's a Sin on Channel 4
Callum Scott Howells as Colin versus the character from Roscoe (Credit: Channel 4)

Is he social

Callum is very present Instagram.

He often posts pictures from his days of shooting on It’s a Sin.

His beautiful dog Dewi is making some appearances too!

It’s a sin episode two

Ritchie and Jill begin a program to become professional actors, while Colin is thrilled to be offered a trip to New York.

Roscoe hides his anger when he is excluded from his sister’s wedding and Jill enters a world of mystery and fear.

The headline stories come true and the shadow of AIDS emerges.

But Ritchie’s disapproval is cruel and Jill is unable to tell the truth when things get worse.

It’s a sin that continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m.

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