A Comparison Between WPA2 and WPA3

Stay secured with the latest security protocol – WPA3! Now your wireless networks are getting safer for public and professional use.

The advancement of computer technology spawns both newer promises and some problems. In the early days, students in the universities found ways to access other devices and play pranks upon fellow mates. This led to the creation of password protection and access rights.

Today Wi-Fi or wireless networks occupy every aspect of life. The use of Wi-Fi is making way into our lives without getting into the mess of tangling wires. From schools to hospitals, libraries to coffee shops all offer Wi-Fi access. But, with all the benefits of the wireless network comes the need for Wi-Fi security. We need to make sure that no one is sneaking around your network connection.

The biggest issue with allowing access to local networks is the risk of unauthorized users getting access to our personal and confidential information. Hackers use password information to sneak around and start capturing packets. With the internet going omnipresent, having top-notch security is essential. Thus, the Wi-Fi Alliance has come up with the WPA3 security protocol to make Wi-Fi more secure than ever.

Let’s investigate the pressing questions on this new protocol and how is it better than its older version – WPA2.

What is Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)?

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a security protocol designed to protect your wireless internet connection. It is designed for all devices that function with wireless internet access like a cell phone. This protocol encrypts your internet connection and prevents intruders from making encryption keys matching to that of the users and hack your wireless connection.

WPA was developed in 2003 with stronger user authentication and better security than the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) security protocol that encrypted data transferred over a Wi-Fi network for security.

In 2004, WPA2 was implemented with a stronger security system and advanced level encryption with integrity validation and message authenticity. Today we use the WPA3 that has considerable advantages over the previous WPA2 systems.

What is WPA3?

WPA3 security algorithm doesn’t rely on shared passwords, it uses the Wi-Fi Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) that lets you access the connection without transmitting the password into the air. Just snap a picture of QR codes or NFC tags and get connected without sacrificing security. The WPA3 security system is covered with a harder encryption system making it difficult for hackers to get in.

This is how WPA3 keeps communications safe — with better encryption, better ways of setting up that encryption, and methods that keep people connecting to the network from knowing the passwords that have them on the network.

Difference Between WPA2 And WPA3

Here are the different features of both versions of Wi-Fi security protocols.

Stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2Wi-Fi Protected Access 3
What is it?A security protocol developed in 2004 for securing wireless networks.Released in 2018, the next generation WPA with better security features. It also protects against weak passwords.
MethodsUses AES standard instead of RC4 stream cipher.Uses 128-bit encryption and forward secrecy. It also replaces the Pre-Shared Key (PSK) exchange with Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE).
RecommendationRecommended over WPA and is more secure when Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is disabled.Yes, the latest and most advanced security for wireless connections.

Benefits Of WPA3 Over WPA2

The Wi-Fi Alliance sums up the benefits of WPA3 under 4 main points as below:

Better Encryption For Weak Passwords

Wi-Fi networks function on passwords that authenticate your device and grants access to connect with the help of the router. However, in WPA2 a vulnerability named Krack was discovered that could hack into your protected Wi-Fi systems. WPA3 is a more robust protocol that protects from such attempts. However, for this super system to work, you need WPA3 standard on both the Wi-Fi router and the connecting device.

Effortless Connection With Devices With No Display

Over the past years, we have seen a substantial increase in the use of smart devices that connect to wireless networks. Devices like Google Home, Alexa, Smart lights, and thermostats allow remote control using Wi-Fi. These devices need to be operated using mobile apps that could be a time-consuming feat. WPA3 makes this process seamless by providing a press button to directly connect to a wireless connection without using mobile apps.

Improved Public Network Protection

Public places like coffee shops and airports allow you to use the internet without a password. These unencrypted servers were easy targets for hackers to get access to valuable data. WPA3 encrypts open connections, making sure no one gets access to the data being transmitted between two devices.

Government And Security Agencies

Not just your personal data, WPA3 is a boon for government and security agencies. The latest security algorithm with advanced encryption levels scrutinizes the information in matters of national security. All government serves are protected against possible internet theft. WPA3 uses the 192-bit (very complex) security suite for government offices using wireless connections.

WPA3 – The Game Changer In Internet Security Industry

How does WPA3 surpass the previous security protocols? It removes the use of passphrase features and replaces it with the use of more secure authenticating methods for your Wi-Fi networks. NFC tag or QR codes are the new hits to connect to Wi-Fi systems, making the concept of shared handshakes obsolete.

Isn’t it a cool feature? Thanks to Wi-Fi Alliance for taking up the security matter and introducing this novel security program. The alliance has made it mandatory for manufactures to get WPA3 certified routers and devices in the market. Soon we will be living in an era of a more secure wireless network.


WPA3 is the key to secure communication! It offers more security to the world where network breaches and theft have been rising beyond imagination. So be informed, be prepared, and get ready for the next generation, super security system WPA3 enables W—Fi routers and devices. 

Make sure you have the new security protocol certified router and devices to benefit from its advanced encryption functions. This new system is going to revolutionize computer technology and internet security by prescribing higher and robust standards for transferring information.

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