Cooking with the Stars presenter Emma Willis stands by her husband

Cooking With The Stars is currently on ITV and features eight celebrities battling it out to become master chefs under the watchful eyes of presenters Emma Willis and Tom Allen.

Each celebrity candidate is paired with a professional mentor and under his guidance, each celebrity must prepare a top notch dish each week or risk it being eliminated.

The show is moderated jointly by Emma Willis, who, together with her presenter Tom Allen, guides the audience through each exciting week.

But what else is the Cooking With The Stars presenter famous for?

Emma Willis with Cooking With The Stars co-host Tom Allen (ITV)

Who cooks with the stars presenter Emma Willis?

Emma is a 45-year-old television presenter and former model.

You may know her from her other presentation work – as she has appeared on many shows!

The busy presenter and mother of three presented The Circle between 2019-2021 and had positions at The Voice, The BRITs, I’m A Celebrity and Big Brother.

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She had her big break as a presenter on MTV in 2002 and has since hosted some of the biggest television shows in the last 20 years.

In 2019, after the presentation of the documentary Delivering Babies, she trained as an obstetrician.

she is indicated it could even be a direction for her future career if she ever leaves presenting: “I always thought I was going to work in a hospital setting because that fascinates me.

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“But it was the moment I gave birth and the support I got from midwives and seeing what they do and how they can help you, that was the game changer for me.”

Who is Emma Willis married to?

Emma started dating former busted bassist Matt Willis in 2005 and they married three years later.

Husband Matt has had a history of drug and alcohol abuse and spent some time in rehab during the early years of their relationship.

Despite his struggles, Emma was determined to support husband Matt.

Emma Willis husbandis
Emma helped Matt with his previous addiction problems (Image Credit: Splash News)

“I didn’t want to leave him because he had a problem. I wanted to help him, but he had to help himself and I believed he would, ”she told The Telegraph last year.

Although Emma held onto Matt, at one point in his recovery the musician was “fully invested in Scientology.” That is, until he thought they were going to separate his marriage.

The musician told The sun: “They said, ‘There is someone in your life who is really sucking you out, who is a negative force. Usually it is the person who is closest to you. And it’s like, ‘I think they’re trying to split my marriage up now’.

How many children do Emma and Matt have?

The couple have three children together – Isabelle (born 2009), Ace (born 2011) and Trixie (born 2016).

Matt got sober in 2008, but Emma believes it was the birth of their first child in 2009 that made him quit alcohol and drugs.

“’What really changed him was our daughter Isabelle. He’s already done it [recovery] himself, then she came and that made him even more determined. “

The couple also want to raise their children to express themselves the way they want – despite all the norms that society imposes on them.

When she received some negative comments after posting a photo of son Ace in a pink crop top, she said, “It’s just my son in a pink top and that’s normal for me.”

“He loves color, he has always had long hair.

“He is a very free and open-minded boy. He says, “Why do I have to dress in green, blue, or gray when I like pink, red, purple?”

“I tried to raise him to be a very open-minded boy.”

Cooking With The Stars airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

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