Coronation Street fans can’t wait for Will to expose Todd

Coronation Street fans can’t wait for Todd Grimshaw’s demise when actor Gareth Pierce reveals he’s coming

Undertaker Todd was secretly recorded by blackmailer Will, who bragged about his ill plan to separate Billy and Paul on yesterday’s episode (July 16).

Coronation Street’s Gareth Pierce teased Todd’s demise (Image credit: ITV)

What happened to Todd on Coronation Street last night?

Will raised his money and decided to arrange Todd.

When Todd was distracted, he put his phone on record before making him brag.

He said, “So are we all finished? No other jobs you need me for? No more happy families to tear apart? “

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Todd replied, “I think this little partnership has taken its course.

“If Paul and Billy were so happy it wouldn’t have been so easy to separate them – I just gave them a nudge.

“I did what I had to do. Paul was never right for Billy, they both knew that.

“Look, I love Billy – but he screwed up and just couldn’t see it. I just needed him to see what a loose cannon Paul was.

“He shouldn’t have left exactly the same time I stole the heat pump. It’s not my fault that he doesn’t have an alibi. “

How did Coronation Street fans react?

Todd kicked him out, not realizing that Will had recorded every word. And fans can’t wait for the recording to become public.

A Coronation Street fan said, “Will will be Todd’s downfall and I can’t wait! #corrie. “

A second said, “Will took Todd in, what a legend! Send it to Billy and Summer, #Corrie x please. ”

A third said, “I can’t wait to see Todd get exposed from Will’s phone to Billy. #Corrie. “

Will leads to Todd Grimshaw’s reckoning (Image: ITV)

Gareth Pierce teases Todd’s reckoning

Actor Gareth Pierce has announced that Todd’s reckoning is coming.

However, he insisted that if Todd loses everything, he will not be completely changed.

“I think if you step back from what he did,” Gareth told ED! and other media: “He has not got into the realm of murder or anything serious.

“But it’s almost like a criminal wants to be discovered.

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“It will be terrible, but there will be freedom when it all comes out.”

But he added, “I think it might make him re-examine himself. I think Todd has a sense of self.

“He’s very self-centered, maybe he can change that?”

Do you think Todd can be redeemed?

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