Coronation Street SPOILER: Kevin meets Seb’s dad trying to find Abi – Oct 4th

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Kevin meets Seb’s father while trying to track down Abi.

After Nina distributes hand-made leaflets about Corey, Nina is devastated when she discovers that he was named on the county’s opening roster.

She vows to name and shame him and go on social media to refer to him as a killer.

Nina curses herself for giving Corey the opportunity to play the victim and swears he can’t get away with it.

She tries to convince Daniel to tell a story, but that fails. Kevin shows her Corey’s press conference after the game, she explains that she wants to kill him.

Nina is furious (Image: ITV)

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Later, as she drives past Seb’s memorial garden, she sees Corey inside laughing on his cell phone and seeing red.

The Gazette is full of Corey scoring a goal in his first game. Nina has the feeling that he cannot escape his smug face.

Nina tells Roy that she wants to get the best of her life instead of dealing with the judiciary as she couldn’t bear to cause him pain.

Roy is very relieved to have got through to her.

Coronation Street spoiler: Kevin finds Seb’s father searching for Abi

However, when Kevin overhears Roy expressing concern about Nina’s state of mind, he fears for Abi.

It gets worse when Sally reveals that she has no answer from Abi either. Kevin soon leaves a new message for Abi asking her to get in touch.

A desperate Kevin informs the police of Abi’s disappearance, but is shocked when the bank receives a notification that £ 2k has been debited from their joint account.

Kevin goes looking for Abi (Image: ITV)

Disgusted by the thought of what Abi might have thought it was, Kevin visits the Dog & Gun with a photo of Abi and asks regulars if she was there.

When Kevin discovers that Seb’s father, Tez, is in the bar, he spreads the news of Seb’s murder. He explains his fears that Abi used drugs in her grief.

Tez assures him that he hasn’t heard from Abi yet.

Kevin finds Tez on a drug deal

Kevin can’t get rid of his doubts, he gets into his car and tracks down Tez and sees him on a drug deal.

When Tez tries the goods from his drug deal, Kevin approaches and takes a picture on his cell phone.

Kevin confronts Tez, convinced that he lied yesterday and saw Abi.

Kevin confronts Seb’s dad Tez (Image: ITV)

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Kevin orders Tez to tell him everything he knows or he will send the incriminating photo to his probation officer.

Tez pretends to have seen Abi weeks ago, but not to have had a conversation with Kevin.

Kevin leaves Abi a warm voicemail explaining how much he loves and misses her. Will she come home

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