Coronation Street Spoiler: Revealed in Brand New Pictures Next Week – Sep 27th

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that David is having trouble dealing with Max.

Meanwhile, Sabeen needs Imran’s help with Harvey’s appeal, and Kevin hears news about Corey.

All of this and more on Coronation Street next week.

Coronation Street Spoiler: Next week

1. Spoiler on Coronation Street: David reports Daniel to the police

David reports Daniel to the school for attacking Max.

Daniel is called to meet with the assistant director.

He apologizes for grabbing Max’s jacket, but refuses to take back the allegation about the stolen wallet.

David explains that Daniel should be fired and if the school doesn’t respond, he will.

Shona and David argue when she refuses to support David.

Mrs. Crawshaw advises Daniel to reassure David rather than throw away his career.

At the store, Max tries to use a bank card which is declined, making Dev suspicious.

Daniel is horrified to hear that David has reported him to the police for assault.

2. David fights with Max

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Dev tells David about the rejected bank card. David plays it down and pretends to have lent his card to Max.

David quickly lets go of Max.

When Dev chats about Max, David and the bank card in the store, Daniel hears it.

David wonders if he got it right to protect Max when his insolence prevails.

He later admits to Shona that Max defied him and left when he was on the ground.

David orders him to come home but has to hide his anger from Daniel.

Max enjoys David’s helplessness.

3. Sabeen wants Imran’s help with Harvey’s calling

Sabeen asks Imran to join her on a lucrative appeals process, but he is stunned to see that the defendant is Harvey Gaskell.

Imran refuses, but Sabeen reminds him of what he did the night Kelly was sentenced.

She tells him to reconsider, and Imran fears that he is being blackmailed.

Sabeen later hides her surprise when Imran holds onto his guns and refuses to play any role in attempting to free Harvey.

4. Kelly is convicted

On the day Kelly was sentenced, Imran gave his speech.

He asks the judge to consider Kelly’s difficult upbringing and fragile mental health.

Kevin is mad to see Sabeen in the court lobby and mad at her for getting away with Corey.

Gary later mentions that he saw Imran walk into a bar the night of Kelly’s verdict and Toyah realizes he lied to her.

5. Coronation Street Spoilers: What Is Imran Hiding?

Sabeen reminds Imran how she helped him on the night of the judgment, and Toyah observes their intimacy.

At home, Toyah asks Imran directly if he is cheating with Sabeen.

Imran later confesses to Toyah that he spent the night of the trial at Sabeen’s house, but nothing happened.

Sabeen supports him but knows that he didn’t stay there all night.

6. Kevin takes action

Jack reveals that Corey has been promoted to the county’s first team and has been benched for the next game.

Kevin is frustrated with Corey’s promotion and that his anonymity will be preserved.

Kevin, Nina, and Asha agree that his county teammates should be told the truth.

He asks James to have a discreet conversation with the county manager, but when that fails, Kevin decides to speak to the manager himself.

7. Audrey in a car accident

Audrey remains hurt by Rita’s infidelity and accuses Gail and Claudia of laughing at her.

Audrey explains her feelings of redundancy to Shona and is touched by her comforting words.

Audrey is disappointed to find only Gail, Sarah and David at their birthday dinner.

Soon Audrey is offended by her old lady gifts and Gail’s remark that she squints while reading.

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Rita soon shows up to bury the hatchet, and Audrey loses her temper and storms out.

Audrey gets in her car, but it crunches.

She is shocked when she realizes that she was backing up in Rita’s car.

When Rita hears about this, she is mad at Audrey for denting her car.

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