Coronation Street SPOILER Tonight, Monday January 3rd: TWO new killers?

It’s the first Monday in 2022 and the soap schedule is back to normal, so here are your Coronation Street spoilers for tonight!

Is Ted dead baby (Photo credit: ITV)

Emma and Faye become murderers?

They’re the most unlikely killers to hit the streets of Weatherfield since John Stape got a taste for blood, but it seems Emma and Faye could be responsible for an old man’s departure.

Accidentally, of course!

The duo are traveling back from a New Year’s Eve party with trainee Faye in the driver’s seat and qualified adult Emma hungover / possibly still drunk.

They discover an old man too late and strike him down; luckily he’s – Ted – seemingly fine, if frail, and they’re helping him home.

Later the girls are shocked when Imran sees Emma worse and says not to be responsible for a student while under the influence – and if they had an accident she would be in BIG trouble.

Emma and Faye decide to return to the apartment to check on Ted and to apologize … what will they find there?

Coronation Street Abi meets Imran and plans a pregnancy test
Abi won’t keep her mom if she’s pregnant (Image credit: ITV)

Abi feels aggy

Abi and Imran meet to discuss the pregnancy – he asks her to take a test to see if she is really expecting.

Abi warns that if it’s a positive result, she’ll tell Kevin, just as Kev walks around the corner and wants to know what they’re talking about.

She manages to change the subject – but later shows up with “news” at Imran and Toyah …

Coronation Street Sally thinks she and Tim deserve a reward after passing their health checks, but he's hiding something
Tim worries about something and holds it up to Sal (Image credit: ITV)

What is Tim hiding?

Tim and Sally start the New Year with a smoothie and heart-healthy omelette as part of their new healthy program.

Tim meets Peter and reveals that he and Sally are going to have health checks with Dr. Gaddas has booked.

Sally is thrilled when both of them have successfully passed their health checks and after a power walk Sally finds that they deserve a reward!

Tim seems very reluctant to let go of her regime so quickly and when he takes a call to confirm an appointment it is clear that he is hiding something quite important.

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Adam’s suffering

Sarah and Adam have breakfast together after their almighty New Year’s fight, although she is still frosty about him.

He offers to frolic with Harry, but when Lydia and Daniel approach, he rips off a strip of his ex for dripping poison in Sarah’s ear – and warns his uncle about her.

Later, Adam and Sarah declare a truce when he assures her that he will only care about her and Harry – but how long will it take to play happy families this time?

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Coronation Street Sam finally talks to Nick over the walkie talkies
Sam is making slow progress (Image credit: ITV)

Sam on the way?

Nick leaves Sam in the cafe to watch Mary play a game of chess and listens to Hope chatting over the walkie-talkie – but he still doesn’t talk beyond a “no” and “end”.

When Mary suggests that Sam would like to come back tomorrow and learn to really play chess, Nick hesitates, since it is his first day of school after his mother’s death.

Mary urges him to ask Sam what HE wants and the boy nods enthusiastically. Could Mary and Chess be his way back to recovery?

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