Coronation Street SPOILERS: Nina drops Asha

Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Nina is ending her relationship with Asha. But Asha doesn’t take it well …

In the next week’s scenes, Corey is shocked to find that Asha now sees Nina.

He is sick that he was replaced by Nina. He starts insulting both girls and storms out. But Asha is happy to be rid of him.

Corey isn’t happy to see Nina and Asha dating (Credit: ITV)

Later, Asha can feel that Nina is slowly slipping away and plans to surprise her with a night in a hotel.

Assuming it’s Nina hurrying up, Dev confronts her and lets Asha’s plans slip.

Spoiler on Coronation Street: Nina breaks up with Asha

Nina later chats with Asha and gently explains that she is not ready for a sexual relationship. She suggests that they should just be friends again.

Nina ends her relationship with Asha (Credit: ITV)

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Asha is devastated and meets with some friends. She suggests Kelly and Summer buy some pills and waste each other.

Asha, Kelly and Summer buy pills

Kelly knows who they can be obtained from and goes to Simon. He hesitates, but finally agrees to sell her a few pills.

But disaster strikes when Kelly stops responding after taking a pill. Asha and Summer are horrified.

The girls call an ambulance, but is Kelly okay?

Kelly gets her hands on some pills (Credit: ITV)

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When Dev hears what happened, he goes to the hospital and is horrified when Asha reveals that Kelly was on a pill.

Assuming Nina’s fault, Dev goes to the cafe and accuses Nina of having something to do with Kelly’s drug use.

Nina explains to him that she and Asha broke up and don’t know anything about drugs.

She tells him to go easy on Asha because she is visibly upset. Will Asha Dev open up?

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