Coronation Street star Sally Carman lets Abi and Kevin marry

Coronation Street star Sally Carman, who plays Abi Franklin, has gotten Abi and her fiancé Kevin Webster to marry.

Sally appeared on Kate Thorntons alongside co-star Sally Ann Matthews Question time on white wine Podcast to talk about Corrie’s huge Super Soap Week.

Sally’s character Abi is at the center of the plot as she has a showdown with her son’s killer, Corey Brent, in the sewers after the sinkhole opened and plunged them into the depths.

But it seems that Sally not only confirmed Abi’s fate, but also revealed that she and Kev are going to get married.

What did Sally Carman say about Abi and Kevin on Coronation Street?

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Podcast host Kate Thornton introduced both Sallys: “It’s a Sally sandwich!

“Anyway, chances are you’ll know them better by their character names after seeing them walk the cobblestones of Weatherfield on Coronation Street as Jen Connor and Abi Webster.”

As she greeted the ladies, Kate then asked, “Did I understand all of the characters’ last names correctly? Because I know that everyone marries or dies or is reinvented 18 times in a soap. “

Sally Ann told her she did it before saying that she is forgetting that she is Jenny Connor and that she still thinks she is Jenny Bradley.

She then said, “When she said Abi Webster I thought who ?!”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard it,” laughed Sally Carman. “It really blew my mind, I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m married’.”

Are Abi and Kevin getting married on Coronation Street?

It wasn’t an easy road to happiness for Kevin and Abi (Image: ITV)

Sally’s revelation that her character has a new last name and is married confirms that she will marry Kevin Webster.

Sally Ann then said, “I heard you had a nice dress, Sal?”

“Thank you very much,” replied the other Sally.

She added, “We had to go up a size because it didn’t fit my normal size. But we have overcome this little trauma. “

No date has been announced for the wedding to air. However, earlier this month, Kevin and Abi agreed that they would be hooked up at Debbie’s hotel in November.

What happened at Abi’s and Kevin’s first wedding?

Abi’s son Seb died the night before her first attempt to marry Kevin (Image: ITV)

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Abi and Kevin were due to get married in May, but the wedding was canceled.

The night before the big day, the bride and groom were celebrating their bachelorette party when Abi’s son Seb was attacked by Corey Brent.

When Seb was fighting for his life in the hospital, the desperate Abi canceled her wedding.

Seb later died and Abi has been seeking revenge on his killer ever since.

When the legal system failed her and found Corey innocent, Abi took matters into her own hands.

She ended her engagement to Kevin and fled, only to return weeks later with a gun, ready to shoot her son’s killer.

Trapped in the sewers, Corey and Abi are going to have a terrible showdown this week. But it seems we know Abi will make it alive if she wants to marry Kev.

But can the same be said for Corey?

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