Coronation Street storylines revealed in pictures!

Soap spoilers for next week see Peter hospitalized again on Coronation Street, but has he lost Carla for good this time?

In addition, Nina ends the affair with Asha, which leads to devastating consequences.

All of this and more on the Coronation Street soap spoilers for the next week.

1. Peter’s life hangs in the balance

When Peter comes home and trips, Steve is furious.

Peter tries to ask Steve for help, but Steve locks him in the house, disgusted by his behavior.

Later Peter tries to drag himself to the front door, but collapses.

Eventually, Peter is taken to the hospital and promises Carla that he has not drunk.

She doesn’t believe a word and tells Peter that she no longer trusts him.

Lucas arrives and asks Carla to return to Devon with him.

She is shocked at his bad timing, but it is clear that she is tempted.

The doctor confirms that Peter did not drink and that everyone is stunned.

Tests show that toxins from his liver failure caused the disorientation.

Carla asks Peter for forgiveness, but he tells her not to be with him out of pity.

What will she decide?

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2. Asha’s heartbreak leads to danger

Corey is stunned when he discovers that Asha now sees Nina.

He throws insults around before storming out of the cafe.

Asha doesn’t mind and is convinced that she will be better without Corey.

Desperate to impress Nina, Asha books a night in a hotel.

But Nina tells Asha that she is not ready for a sexual relationship and breaks up with her.

Asha is devastated and asks Kelly and Summer to buy drugs with her.

Kelly persuades Simon to sell her some pills and the girls take them.

But things take a bad turn when Kelly collapses.

Summer and Nina call an ambulance, but will Kelly be okay?

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3. Leanne jumps into action

Ken brings Simon to the cafe to talk about his new “friends”.

But nothing gets through to Simon because he’ll be hanging out with Jacob again soon.

He brings a group of boys into the apartment, causing a frightened Leanne to hide in her room.

Simon is horrified when Jacob admits that he screwed her boss Harvey.

He pays him to keep quiet, but soon Simon finds himself in an impossible situation.

Harvey corners Simon and reveals that he knows Jacob is stealing drugs.

Will Simon admit he knew?

Simon tells Harvey he wants out, but Harvey points out that he still owes £ 2k.

Simon tells Leanne everything and she is convinced that they will go to the police.

But when news of Kelly’s breakdown broke, Simon knew he was being blamed.

Leanne tells Simon that she’s going to meet Harvey, but is she putting herself in danger?

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