Couple “want to be reunited with royals”

In the latest news from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the couple want to be “reunited” with the royal family, Gayle King has indicated.

Last month, the couple gave an extensive interview with Oprah Winfrey and made a number of claims and revelations about the royals.

After that interview, Meghan’s friend Gayle claimed Harry had had “unproductive” conversations with brother Prince William and father Prince Charles.

Now Gayle is hoping that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can “reunite” with the family.

Harry and Meghan want to be “united” with the Royals (Credit:

The latest news from Harry and Meghan

On the Drew Barrymore Show, Gayle said, “I think this interview opened up conversations that people weren’t prepared for or wanted to have.

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“But I think ultimately it’s about a family that wants to be united and together, and I hope that will be the case.”

She also said, “There is nothing healthy if you do not speak. So let us wish that to everyone involved in this particular story.”

Harry and Meghan resigned from royal life last year (Credit:

Meanwhile, after Prince William reportedly “stumbled”, it came about that Meghan and Harry “leaked” the peace talks with Gayle.

According to a source, the Duke of Cambridge considered it a “cheap attempt to divulge details of her private call”.

There is nothing healthy if you do not speak.

The insider told US Weekly that William “now feels uncomfortable” talking to Harry on the phone.

They also added, “He’s running the risk of the same thing happening again.”

Gayle King this morning on CBS - by Meghan and Harry at the latest
Gayle claimed Harry’s conversations with his brother and father were not “productive” (Photo Credit: YouTube / CBS This Morning)

What did Gayle King say about Harry’s peace talks with his family?

Last month, the American host spoke about the talks on CBS This Morning.

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She said, “Well, I actually called you to see how you were feeling.

“It’s true Harry has spoken to his brother and father too.”

Meanwhile, Gayle added that Harry and Meghan were “glad they at least started a conversation”.

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