Crime on Coronation Street when Ray Crosby disappears

Coronation Street is going to have a thriller up its sleeve when Ray Crosby disappears.

The developer made most of the paving stones the enemy.

Next week, Ray is blackmailed by Abi Franklin on the ITV soap after she recorded that he bribed the chairman of the planning committee.

Ray Drugs Abi – But It’s He Who Disappears (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Ray is supposed to think Abi is dead

She will, however, give him the choice of either confessing to the attempted rape of Faye Windass or going down over his bribery.

Unfortunately Ray will gain the upper hand and Abi will be believed dead.

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He’ll drug her and record her to keep his wicked secrets, but when Debbie Webster discovers what he’s doing, things go dark.

The metro claims that Ray will be at the center of a crime story if he disappears.

A TV source told the publication that the Abi and Ray showdown will not be the “last act of this sad story.”

Ray Crosby made several enemies on the street (Credit: ITV)

Ray Crosby disappears from Coronation Street

“If you thought that this scene ended the mortal danger, think again,” they added.

It results in someone going missing and is a real mystery whether they are alive or dead.

“Ray is a great danger to everyone and maybe even to himself. When the situation is faced with a situation he cannot get out of, fans will be shocked at how far he will go.

“And other characters’ actions can be surprising too. It results in someone going missing and it is a real mystery whether they are alive or dead – and whether they were murdered. But even this won’t be the last twist as more characters are drawn in. “

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Apparently, as the story climaxes in the coming weeks, “more than one person can stare death in the face”.

Is Ray Really Dead? Did Debbie kill him? Will Faye Windass have the right victim this time?

Or is he faking his death to escape justice?

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