Dan calls British viewers “farmers”

Married at First Sight Australian star Dan Webb is not happy with the UK public.

Dan was at the center of the backlash from viewers on the show after seeing him cheat on his wife, Tamara.

Instead of staying loyal, Dan switched sides and opted for Jessika Powers instead.

However, Jessika is married to Mick Gould.A.

And fans were appalled by both Dan and Jessica’s behavior.

Viewers are unhappy with Married At First Sight’s Australian stars Jessika and Dan (Image credit: E4)

What did Married At First Sight star Dan Webb say on Instagram?

Jessika had lied to Mick and said she wanted to stay on the show as friends. However, this was just a ploy to stay close to Dan.

The backlash from fans on the Internet quickly became intense.

In response, Dan went to Instagram Stories to bite back.

“All the folks in the UK are watching and abusing me with some really low comments right now. My advice to you first is to correct your spelling as some of you [bleeps] need grammar lessons, ”he said.

Don’t need any more haters. I’ve converted most of them to lovers, so no room for farmers.

“Second, this show was filmed 2 years ago. Go ahead and don’t follow me – don’t need any more haters.

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“Most of the time I converted to lovers, so no place for farmers.

After asking the British public for a few grammar lessons, Dan mistakenly used a possessive adjective at the end of his chatter.

He added, “As for the rest of you, thank you for being great.”

We think you meant “you are” Dan!

Mick had no idea that Jessica had feelings for Dan (Credit: E4)

What did Married At First Sight star Jessika say on Instagram?

Married at First Sight Australian star Dan wasn’t the only one responding to fans.

Jessika went to Instagram to improve the record.

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“The show was three years ago and I really need all of you to really try to get this through your heads.

“I’m glad you all can see the reunion afterwards because it can give you a better perspective of me and me.

“I remedied with everyone on the show that I need to remedy. I was angry, terrible [bleep] and I am so aware of it. “

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