Dan Walker urges Twitter to use troll abuse photo review

Fed up with troll abuse on Twitter, Dan Walker is now urging the website to put in place a system to verify the user’s identity.

While reaching out to his 676,000 followers, he tweeted, “Some of the abuse here is really horrific. How difficult would it be to implement a system where you can’t get an account without photo ID?

“Removing the cloak of anonymity would certainly reduce the number of fools and numbers.”

While some of the BBC breakfast star’s loyal fans wholeheartedly agreed with his views, others hit back on his ideas.

Dan says there should be more identity verification on platforms like Twitter (Credit: SplashNews)

Dan Walker’s Twitter followers disagreed with his proposal

One user argued, “You are absolutely right, but celebs and others who use Twitter as a political weapon did not help him.”

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And another claimed: “I can’t take anyone here seriously who doesn’t have a photo of themselves or their own name.”

Dozens, however, argued that Dan’s ideas were “dangerous”, especially with regard to the politically or socially oppressed.

One user replied, “This is really dangerous, Dan. There are very good reasons why people don’t want photo ID for these things. As this could endanger their safety, not to mention that it is still easy to bypass. “

Dan Walker with Louise Minchin
Dan with his BBC Breakfast co-host Louise Minchin (Image Credit: BBC)

Dan later responded to the “backlash”

A second user claimed: “Dissidents, whistleblowers, activists, victims of domestic violence and all kinds of people also benefit from anonymity.

“It looks like social media platforms are labeled as publishers, then they are legally responsible for things here and can finally take action against this crap.”

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And a third user intervened: “Consenting to abuse is unacceptable and does not require tolerance, but removing anonymity could be dangerous for some.

“If you are secretly gay or have an abusive relationship, etc., social media may be your only escape and safe way to connect with people.”

Dan followed the obvious backlash, however: “I suppose the other side of this is that there are some people and some countries for whom / where anonymity is essential.

“And no… I’m not saying that every faceless report is a troll.

“I just think social media companies can better protect their users.”

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