Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis charges £ 25 for fan news

Chase star Darragh Ennis, nicknamed The Menace, benefits from his newfound fame.

He was the sixth chaser to appear on the ITV show last year.

He stars alongside Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace and Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

Darragh Ennis became chaser last year (Credit: ITV)

How does The Chase star Darragh collect money?

Darragh now hopes to be able to earn a little more money on the side.

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He went to Twitter earlier this week to reveal that he signed up for celebrity website Cameo.

With Cameo, fans can request personal video messages from their favorite celebrities for a flat rate.

“If you have a message for your family for a birthday or a Christmas present, just let me know,” said the star.

“I look forward to doing it for you!”

Darragh charges £ 25 for a personal message, and fans can request one on his profile page.

He quipped that the news would be an “overwhelming gift”.

But his followers showed that they couldn’t think of a better gift.

They say it’s utterly overwhelming, like having a video of you isn’t the best gift I’ve ever had.

“I’m treating myself!” exclaimed a fan.

Another added: “Definitely for my mother. We call you their friend. “

Others have already accepted Darragh on his offer.

“They say very overwhelmingly, as if a video of you wasn’t the best gift I’ve ever had,” said one satisfied customer.

“Thank you for your video, I can’t believe how quickly you got it out. My father will be absolutely delighted and can’t wait to see his reaction, ”said another.

He’s hoping to make some money on the side (Credit: Cameo)

Darragh Ennis denies being released

Recently, rumors spread that Darragh had been fired from ITV after appearing missing on screens.

On Twitter, a concerned fan said, “Have you got rid of my Darragh yet? #The hunt.”

Another added: “Where the hell did Darragh go ???”

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As a result, the chaser was forced to decline the claims on Twitter.

“Sigh, I have not been released! The kind of random scheduling means that sometimes we don’t have show air for a while and sometimes two or three times a week. “

“Not my department, but there may be a mix of profits and losses every week,” he added.

“Sometimes they postpone a show if there is a question about someone who may be B. died recently. But not my appearance, the schedulers and producers have a very tough job. Heroes all. “

Darragh Ennis The Hunt ITV
Darragh was once a contestant on the ITV series (Credit: ITV)

When did Darragh join The Chase?

Darragh joined the hit ITV series back in November.

On his debut, he brought in the best viewership on the show.

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According to data, it was the largest audience in the show’s 11-year history, averaging 4.9 million viewers.

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