Daughter Holly “identified as a boy for seven years”

Richard Branson’s daughter Holly says she identified as a boy for seven years.

Holly, 39, said in a recent interview that she saw herself as a boy between the ages of four and eleven.

She says she wanted to be like her younger brother Sam, who is now 36.

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Speaking to her father and brother on the Natalie Pinkham In The Pink podcast, she made the surprising reveal.

The married mother of three stated, “I made my decision to be a boy when I was four years old. It wasn’t that I wanted to be a boy, it was that I was a boy.

Richard Branson with his daughter Holly (Image: SplashNews)

“It was shortly after my brother was born and I don’t know if in hindsight it was a psychological thing that a boy was born and got a lot of attention and I wanted to be like him.

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“I got up to pee, I dressed like a boy, I even gave myself different male names.”

Her behavior at the time seemed to be rather “unusual”, she said – but luckily she had the full support of her family.

Holly continued, “Not only was this a quick thing that stopped after a few months or years, it took me until I was nearly 11.

News from Richard Branson
Holly Branson wanted to be a boy for years (Image credit: SplashNews)

“It was pretty unusual, especially since it was almost 40 years ago.

“I was very fortunate to have parents who really accepted that they didn’t question any of it, they let me be who I wanted to be.”

But she says she hit a tipping point at the age of 11 when she asked about a dress for Christmas.

News from Richard Branson
Holly wanted to be like her younger brother Sam Branson (Image: SplashNews)

She said, “When I was 11, I asked my mother for a dress for Christmas.

“She thought, ‘I’m not going to give Holly a dress because it feels too pressurized,’ so she got one of our family friends to get me a dress and they did, and that was the turning point. From then on I was the female Holly again. “

Holly worked as an intern before joining her father at Virgin in 2008.

Now she should take over the business of her billionaire father as soon as he retires.

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