Dave Myers was a childcare worker at the age of 8 after his mother was diagnosed with MS

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers became a childcare worker when he was eight.

Unfortunately, doctors diagnosed his mother with MS and within a year she was in a wheelchair.

The now 64-year-old TV chef has revealed that his new role as a schoolboy was to cook the family’s meals.

Dave Myers and Si King in The Hairy Bikers Go North, but did you know Dave was a childcare worker? (Credit: BBC Two)

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Dave Myers Caregiver – Mother Margaret’s diagnosis of MS

Dave Myers’ idyllic childhood was shattered at the age of eight when his mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

In just a year she was in a wheelchair.

The only child, Dave, took on the roles of carer, cleaner and cook – and the shock and stress caused him to lose his hair.

His father, who had just finished his job in a paper mill, also became her full-time carer.

In The Hairy Bikers Go North, Dave admits his dad’s idea of ​​dinner was a sandwich, so Dave stepped in as the head chef at home.

Dave previously talked about caring for his mother and said, “Yes, life has changed.

“Becoming a caregiver didn’t ruin my life – I still had a lot of friends – but it definitely tied my childhood.”

He added, “I couldn’t go to bed until mom went to bed.

“Dad took mom’s legs and I took her arms and we carried her up the stairs every night.”

The hardest part for Dave, of course, was watching his once spirited mother become a shell of her former self.

Dave Myers Supervisor – Young Dave has started cooking

Dave admits that his father “did his best” for the first year after his mother was diagnosed.

He says: “In the first year we lived on instant potatoes, canned meat and canned peas.

“It quickly became clear that we both had to learn to cook properly if we were to survive.”

He adds, “We found a cookbook that came with the stove, dated from the end of World War II.

“One of the first things I ever cooked myself was a cheese and potato cake.”

Dave’s mother Margaret gained weight from being confined to a wheelchair.

When the doctor advised her to diet, the whole family joined in, and carer Dave learned how to make “complicated salads with all sorts of ingredients like canned salmon and peeled cucumbers.”

Dave Myers and Si King
Dave Myers and Si King return to their northern roots in The Hairy Bikers Go North (Source:

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What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease that can affect the brain and spinal cord.

It causes a variety of possible symptoms, including problems with eyesight, arm or leg movement, sensation, or balance.

It is a lifelong condition that can sometimes lead to severe disabilities.

In many cases it is possible to treat symptoms.

Average life expectancy is slightly reduced for people with MS.

Dave Myers Supervisor – What Happened to His Dad?

Tragedy occurred for the second time when Dave was 17 years old.

His father Jim, then 72, suffered a severe stroke.

Dave says he’s a carer: “I put dad in his bed and mom in my bedroom with a dresser.

“I had no idea what to do.

“Fortunately, the district nurse found that I couldn’t manage on my own.

“She sent another doctor who asked, ‘Which parent do you think you can get along with better?'”

Dave made the difficult decision to stay with his father, who had a chance to get better.

Dave’s mother then went to the hospital and, since she was 60 years old, was taken to the geriatric ward.

She never went home and died four years later.

When Dave was 20 years old, his father died of a second stroke.

Dave Myers and wife Liliana
Dave Myers and wife Liliana married in 2011 (Image: Splash)

Who is Dave Myers’ wife? What nationality does she belong to?

Dave Myers married Liliana Orzac, a fashion designer, in his hometown of Barrow-in-Furness in 2011.

She is Romanian.

They met in 2005 when he and colleague Hairy Biker Si King were filming in Romania, and she was the manager of their hotel.

Former child carer Dave later told The Mirror, “It was love or lust at first sight, but probably not on your part!

“We became pen pals and love grew out of it.”

They now live together in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Dave Myers Supervisor: How old is he and where is he from?

Dave James Myers was born on September 8, 1957 in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire.

He is currently 64 years old.

The Hairy Biker studied fine arts at Goldsmiths in London.

By the time he graduated, he lost both parents after caring for them as a child.

The Hairy Bikers Go North will air on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 8 p.m. on BBC Two.

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