Dawn French has a new hairstyle and fans love it

Dawn French showed off a new hairstyle on social media and fans are loving her new look.

The Vicar of Dibley star has posted two new photos on Instagram and Twitter that she says will reveal her “real one”.

The first shows Dawn with the bob and fringe we all know but with her hair dyed a lighter shade of brown.

The second photo shows a gray undercut, with Dawn giving the camera a big smile as she shows off her natural hair color.

On Twittershe wrote: “I’m getting lighter to welcome the gray … with an undercut surprise from me … Hello!”

On Instagram, she explained her new hairstyle in more detail and said she was “gradually getting lighter to greet the gray happily”.

The 63-year-old also added, “Hello, woman in her 60s.”

Dawn’s French fans loved her new hairstyle

Dawn received hundreds of comments praising her new look, and some said they weren’t sure they would take the plunge and stop coloring their own hair.

“Nice for you. A brave decision,” wrote one person. “I’m far from ready to embrace the gray! I’m much too young at 54. Box dye for me.”

Another commenter said, “Dawn, you rock, you look damn great! I’m afraid I’m not that brave. “

Dawn French, pictured here in 2017, was previously known for her luscious dark brown locks (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

However, some fans shared their own stories about how to get their natural gray hair to shine.

One wrote: “I stopped dyeing 5 years ago and now I love myself more than ever. Welcome to the Sisterhood of Dawn! “

Another added: “Love my silver! Will never go again. Without sounding too psychological, it’s not just a trip into hair color. I’ve changed my mindset in the past 16 months [too]… Do it! You don’t have to look old. “

Dawn is married to charity therapist and co-founder Mark Bignell

Earlier this year, Dawn claimed her late father helped her choose her husband beyond the grave.

Dawn married her second husband, Mark Bignell, in 2013. Mark is a therapist and co-founder of Hamoaze addiction care, where he worked with Dawn’s late mother.

Though she claims she wasn’t interested in Mark initially, that changed when she claimed her late father sent her a sign.

Dawn French new hairstyle
Dawn is better known for having her hair dyed dark brown (Credit: SplashNews.com)

She said that mirror: “[Mark] begins to talk about his children, his beloved children who moved in with him after his divorce. And while he was talking about his children – not a word of a lie – behind him, out in the world, was a cloud.

“The sun came out from behind the cloud and rays of sunshine like from God came through the window and bounced back on him from the wall. I’m literally going from just listening, oh my god, look at him. “

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