Death in Paradise star Michelle Collins talks about her suicide attempt

Death In Paradise star Michelle Collins seems to have it all, but her life hasn’t always been what it seems behind the scenes.

Former EastEnders actress Michelle, who starred in the BBC One drama tonight (October 13), has become one of the UK’s most prolific TV stars over the years.

Despite her success, there was a time when Michelle didn’t want to be here at all.

In 2014, Michelle opened a phase in her life when she attempted suicide.

Michelle Collins once spoke about her tragic suicide attempt (Image credit: Splashnews)

What did Death in Paradise star Michelle Collins say?

Michelle had left Albert Square and shortly afterwards her relationship with ex-partner Fabrizio Tassalini broke up.

As she started spinning, Michelle previously revealed that her thoughts were getting darker and darker.

She told The Mirror in 2014, “I felt like I was over the edge. I felt like a failure and found myself deeper and deeper over the course of the days, until in the end I couldn’t pull myself out of the hole. “

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It got so bad that Michelle said she couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.

As a result, in a split second, she decided to try to end her life.

Michelle Collins
Michelle recently appeared on Celebrity MasterChef (Credit: BBC)

She added, “There was no definite plan or an explicit decision behind my actions. It just happened. The question that kept coming through my mind was, would anyone miss me if I wasn’t here?

“Unfortunately, I somehow decided that no one would do it. When I think about what I’ve done it all sounds very melodramatic, but I think that’s the nature of depression. How deep must I have been to do something like this? It was unthinkable. “

Michelle also struggled with an eating disorder

Michelle’s struggles weren’t just limited to her depression.

The talented actress has also previously broken her silence over her battle with an eating disorder.

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Speak with The mirror In 2013, Michelle stated, “I’ve been without really eating for weeks.

“I would starve to death all day and then come home late and eat whatever I could get my hands on. I searched the fridge and cupboards and then stuck my fingers down my throat to feel empty again. “

After years of fighting, Michelle finally sought professional help. Her condition improved and she landed her role in EastEnders.

Michelle Collins stars in Death in Paradise on BBC One tonight (October 13th) at 9pm.

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