Death, scandal and undiscovered secrets – MX Player publishes the trailer for the detective thriller Nakaab

There’s a strange curiosity we all owe when it comes to the lives of our favorite stars. We see and read so much about her and are so familiar with the intimate details of her life that we know her personally. But is everything we see right? Or do we just want to see that? After the complexities of a high profile Indian television actress death, MX Player brings you one MX Exclusive Series – Nakaab death, scandal and undiscovered secrets unraveled in one gripping tale.

All of the episodes of this investigative thriller hit 15. liveNS September and after almost 2 years the crackling Mallika Sherawat will appear on the screen next to the spirited Esha Gupta and the handsome Gautam Rode. Director: Soumik Sen, This search unleashes the masks of several suspects in an industry that is said to be multi-faceted and promises action, intrigue and loads of drama.

About her character, Mallika Sherawat said: “This series explores the hidden nuances of a glamorous industry. I play Zohra, an inspiring single woman at the top of the media industry, but her character is mysterious. It’s the kind of part I’ve never explored before and honestly I think it’s the role of my life. Nakaab has crime, drama, mystery, scandals and is a complete entertainer. However, it was the fantastic, mysteriously complex character of Soumik that immediately got me to take on the role. “

Watch the trailer now:

In the role of Sub-Inspector Aditi Amre, said Esha Gupta, “What made me play this character is that it has immense depth. Investigative dramas or thrillers were my personal favorites and I found the background to this story very interesting. “

On the show, Aditi Amre (Esha Gupta) is assigned to a high profile death of prime-time television actress Vibha Dutta (Ankita Chakrobarty), who was very close to television tsarina Zohra Mehra (Mallika Sherawat). Aditi’s monotonous life is turned upside down when she begins to reveal intricate details about the case. When Aditi embarks on this journey with her senior Pawan Bisht (Gautam Rode), she discovers a part of her own personality that she never knew existed in her. They say that some secrets are best kept hidden, but will they be able to reveal the real faces behind them, or will they give in to the powerful forces at hand? Is Vibha’s death an accident, suicide, or murder?

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