Deep Prince is featured with his latest song – Goodwill, published by Saregama. – old school romantic

Shot against a pristine backdrop, with a cool sports car in the middle, Punjabi music star Deep Prince brings old-school romance cool again. After the resounding success of his upbeat track – Chobbar, Prince’s newest single Goodwill, is ready to add an entry to your playlists.

Written by the acclaimed lyricist Sunny Randhawa, with music by the composer Youngstar Pop Boy and with well-known artists such as Sunny Randhawa and Pihu Mishra, the song invites young couples to take time out with their loved ones in the midst of nature. So what are you waiting for? Take your partner on the long drives they’ve been waiting for and don’t forget to turn on Goodwill.

While creating this track, Deep Prince said, “I liked the mood of the song when I first heard it. I’m an old-school romantic at heart, and I had imagined the song and music video in a certain way: connecting with nature with loved ones. I hope people love the track. “

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