Deepshikha Deshmukh celebrates International Day of Forests with a plantation tour

The producer Deepshikha Deshmukh has always talked about environmental protection, sustainable living habits and environmental sustainability on her social media platforms, on film sets and in her own life. Be it fighting deforestation, helping wildlife conservation, helping the farming community in Latur with her husband, teaching their kids not to pop crackers, and making sure their kits don’t contain single-use plastics, she always has held ready their beliefs.

She and her husband Dhiraj recently also celebrated their wedding anniversary in Tadoba Andhari National Park. It is therefore not surprising that they made it a goal to commemorate International Day of Forests by reaffirming their commitment to afforestation and tree sapling in Bandra. She said, “Initially we had plans for a larger plantation trip, but given the current COVID protocol, we made sure the numbers were in line with government regulations. After all, it is so important that children understand the importance of trees and forests. It has to be in our children’s DNA to maintain, nourish and replenish our planet.

She added, “As a mother, protecting the environment and healing the planet for the benefit of future generations is very important to me. Planting more trees is a very simple and effective way to counteract climate change and we all have to do our part. We plant seedlings as often as we can. “

Deepshikha’s Love Organically beauty brand was also created to naturally soothe, heal and nourish sensitive skin. With their soon-to-be-launched Ayurvedic wellness and beauty line ‘Love Veda’, this is another step towards a more rooted way of caring for yourself and the earth.

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