Denise Fox is alive when viewers are shocked

EastEnders fans were in shock – Denise Fox is alive but is being held hostage.

The barber disappeared in a violent fight earlier this week.

Denise Fox held hostage at EastEnders (Image Credit: BBC)

What happened in EastEnders last night?

Suspicions immediately fell on her serial murder of Lucas Johnson, and fans feared he had finally killed her.

However, in the final moments of the episode on Friday night, it was revealed that Denise is still alive – but trapped with a mysterious man.

It has yet to be confirmed who Denise’s kidnapper is, but her partner Jack Branning is certain that Lucas was responsible.

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At the beginning of the episode, the police officer caught Lucas in the square. And although he was kept away from the case, he took matters into his own hands.

Jack dragged him to the Arches’ privacy with PC Callum Highway and wanted to know what Lucas had done with Denise.

He even threatened to turn violent to defeat Lucas.

Estender Denise Fox
Who is the mysterious man who is holding her? (Image credit: BBC)

However, Lucas insisted that he was innocent.

“I’ve told you everything I know,” Lucas said to Jack.

“You’re so desperate it’s me, you’re not listening. You can ask me 500 more times – the answer will be the same.

“You can hit me, Jack. I will not break. I’m stronger than you there. Look at yourself, you’re so desperate to play the action hero that you can’t see what’s in front of you.

“How are you going to forgive yourself when you realize that all the time you’ve spent on me you could be Denise? Well, we can imagine, right?”

The apparent threat to Denise’s life pushed Jack over the edge and he went to attack Lucas.

Will Denise Fox survive her ordeal? (Image credit: BBC)

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Only Callum, holding him back, stopped him. But when Callum tried to give Jack some meaning, Lucas managed to escape and flee into the night.

Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that Denise lives in an abandoned building but is clearly scared.

A hooded figure then approached the door to the room it was in and it looked really scared.

EastEnders fans are in shock when Denise Fox is exposed as alive

The fans were shocked by a saying: “Denise is alive! #EastEnders. ”

Another added, “So you’re going to tell me … Denise is locked up … AGAIN ?!” #EastEnders. ”

A third said, “But I’m glad Denise isn’t dead, it wouldn’t have been fair to kill her like that #Eastenders.”

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