Denise Gough said she deserves “all awards” after the final

Too close viewers praised Denise Gough after the ITV final yesterday evening (April 14th).

The 41-year-old Irish actress grabbed the audience when she took on the role of Connie Mortensen in the three-part thriller.

But when the series ended on Wednesday evening (April 14th), fans rushed to comment on their “fascinating” performance.

Warning! Spoilers for the third episode ahead.

Too close viewers were intrigued by Denise Gough (Photo credit: ITV)

The drama followed the complicated relationship between patient Connie and psychiatrist Dr. Emma Robertson.

Her character was held in a safe hospital accused of a terrible crime she allegedly does not remember.

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During last night’s episode, viewers were able to see the full extent of Connie’s mental health problems.

They also discovered what led to their accident.

Actress Denise Gough
Denise received praise from ITV viewers (

Too close: ITV viewers praise Denise Gough

And it wasn’t long before fans raved about the talented star.

On Twitter they wrote: “TooClose on @ITV is the best drama I’ve seen in years. #DeniseGough should win every award for her fantastic work. “

Denise Gough should win every award

A second said: “#TooClose worries me very much. Denise Gough is phenomenal as always. “

A third shared, “I’ve never seen acting so incredible. #DeniseGough is superb. Heartbreaking to look at. “

Meanwhile, another Denise urged to win a “shed full of awards”.

They tweeted, “If someone deserved a happy ending, Connie did it. Denise Gough deserves a shed full of awards for an amazing piece of acting. #Too close.”

One fan also raved: “Overwhelmed by Denise Gough and Emily Watson’s 11/10 appearances for three hours in Too Close.”

“Denise Gough just named acting of the year on ITV’s #TooClose,” said another.

Emily Watson and Denise Gough in Too Close on ITV
Denise appears alongside Emily Watson in Too Close (Image credit: ITV)

What did Denise say about her character?

Earlier this week, the actress appeared that morning to discuss the drama.

Regarding the difficult aspects of the role, she said, “For me, I’m so used to doing theater where I can play such roles. It’s rare that I can play them on screen.

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“I’ve done a few [TV] I used to put out a series a few years ago so I knew how to play it through lines and episodes, but this one was different. I mean, I had a four hour makeup call to do in the morning so I had so much time before I even got to the set, which was very stressful at times. “

She also added, “But the actual act, which I just love, I love it so much. I can’t believe I can do it as my job. That made me very excited. “

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