Denise Welch publishes an update on Father Vin’s health after the fall

Denise Welch has revealed her concerns for her 84-year-old father Vin after traveling to Country Durham to visit him.

Denise, the lead actress of Loose Women, performed at home yesterday (March 31st) in her childhood.

And when Denise spoke to Entertainment Daily today, she found that her beloved father was now safe and sound with her home.

Denise Welch presented Loose Women from her parents’ house after her father got sick (Credit: ITV)

What did Denise Welch say about her father?

When Denise spoke to start her new true crime series Survivors for Crime + Investigation, she stated, “I took him back.”

She then apologized in advance in case she had to end our zoom chat to help her father.

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“For a joke for Loose Women, you recently gave us one of those buzzers that you use for catchphrase, so I gave it to my dad,” she said.

“So if you hear a buzzer, it’s my father who wants something.”

Vin has been going downhill since Christmas

When asked how Vin is doing, Denise said, “It’s really a shame that everyone who knows my dad knows he’s a party animal – he celebrates me at every stage, although it’s not difficult now because I am obviously sober.

“Then he had a big meal for Christmas and he had indigestion and instead of going away it started some gallstone problems that he had and he’s been going downhill since then.”

She added, “I think they will remove his gallbladder, but we’re just trying to keep his strength up until then, but it’s hard because he has no appetite.

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“The strange thing is that he has no pain. It’s a strange thing, but the fact is, he can’t eat anything.

“Dad is 84, so I don’t want him to lose any more weight,” she said.

“But I feel better having him here.”

Autumn was a “shock to the system”.

At yesterday’s Loose Women, Denise revealed why she went home and how she felt about it.

She said, “I am actually at home in my childhood.

“My dad Vin, a friend of the show, hasn’t blessed him well since Christmas.

“He’s going to have gallbladder surgery and recently fell a bit.

“I rushed up to see him. And he wants everyone to know that he is fine, but it was a bit of a shock to the system. “

See Denise’s new show Survivors when it premieres on Crime + Investigation on April 19th at 9pm.

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