Denise Welch reveals ‘personal beef’ with Prince Andrew on ‘Loose Women’

Denise Welch has opened up about her past encounters and “personal beef” with Prince Andrew.

It comes after the Queen’s decision to strip Andrew of his military titles and royal patronage amid his civil sex case.

Denise, who appeared on today’s edition of Loose Women (January 14), went on to talk about a previous encounter with the Duke of York.

Loose Women’s Denise Welch opened up about her ‘beef’ with Prince Andrew (Source: ITV)

Denise Welch on Prince Andrew

Denise, 63, explained that she has met Andre, 61, on “a few occasions”.

However, he didn’t make a particularly good impression on the Hollyoaks star.

Denise appeared on the ITV program alongside Kaye Adams, Frankie Bridge and Judi Love.

I had personal issues with Prince Andrew

Speaking to her interlocutors, she said: “I’ve talked about this before… I’ve had personal beef with Prince Andrew.

“I’ve met him a few times. He really, really pissed me off once when he spoke so scornfully of his late sister-in-law Diana.

“It was in front of a group of people like me that he didn’t know from a bar of soap.”

Denise Welch talks about Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew ‘appalled’ Denise with his comments (Credit:

Denise continued, “I was horrified by that because it wasn’t really that long after that.

“I had no skin in it except for someone who loved Diana from afar. I was just appalled by it and I never liked him.”

The star then hinted at more clashes, saying: “We had a few more opportunities.”

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Additionally, Kaye went on to share her opinions.

She said: “He’s brought trouble to the door in a big way, regardless of what happens with the civil proceeding.”

It’s not the first time Denise has spoken out against Andrew.

Denise Welch speaks to the panel about Loose Women
The Loose Women panel discussed the latest royal news today (Credit: ITV)

What has Denise said in the past?

In July last year, the former Coronation Street star went into detail about his past encounters on Loose Women.

Denise said at the time: “Anyone who watches this show will know historically that I’m not a fan of Prince Andrew.

“He’s the royal I’ve bumped into a couple of times. I’m not a fan, I just am not.”

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She continued, “He started saying things that really, really upset me. Things I felt very disrespectful to someone he shouldn’t have shared this information with.

“I used to like a vodka or two. All I can say is that he got up to leave, walked around to the top of the table, put his hand around my then-husband’s shoulder and said, ‘Rather you than me, sir.’

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