Denise Welch threatens to expose GMB stars

Piers Morgan angrily left Denise Welch following news of his departure from GMB.

The 55-year-old presenter ended the day’s programming dramatically after arguing with Alex Beresford over Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview.

Now Denise has threatened to expose his colleagues about his defense.

Piers Morgan left GMB earlier this week (Image credit: ITV)

Piers Morgan News: What Did Denise Welch Say?

Denise went on Twitter yesterday (March 11th) and appeared to be warning her ITV peers.

According to the Daily starshe wrote, “To those close colleagues defending Piers and saying what a great guy he is, just remember … I have receipts !!”

However, it wasn’t long before Denise deleted her comment after two minutes.

To those close colleagues defending Piers and saying what a great guy he remembers … I have receipts !!

Meanwhile, she told the publication, “I tweeted anger and then thought better about it. Do not comment further. “

During yesterday’s show (March 12), Kate Garraway and Dr. Hilary Jones her former costar.

Kate said the host was “very supportive of me personally” and that their “friendship will continue”.

Denise Welch on Corrie
Denise threatened to expose his colleagues (Credit: ITV)

She shared, “I knew him long before he worked on this show and our friendship will continue, our personal friendship.”

In addition, Dr. Hilary Piers, saying he has a “very generous heart”.

After his departure, co-host Susanna Reid also made a solemn statement on the show.

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Piers versus Denise

It’s not the first time that Piers and Denise have been beaten.

Clashes broke out in September after Piers called her a “COVID denier” and insisted that her views on the virus were “dangerous”.

The Loose Women star had previously argued that the media and government had overreacted to the virus.

Piers Morgan Anthea Turner
Piers previously featured with Susanna Reid (Credit: ITV)

At the time, Piers wrote on Twitter: “Stupid, deceived and dangerous Covid deniers like Denise Welch need to stop getting airtime.

“Your idiotic, ill-informed forays will cost lives convincing people that the virus is not a threat.”

After their argument, Denise took a break from social media.

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No wonder Denise was delighted to see the back of Piers after his comments on Meghan.

On Wednesday she tweeted: “These people say, ‘Piers is a great guy, he only speaks his truth.’

“Can I ask you that? If Meghan said she had a serious physical illness and received no help and Piers called her a liar, would you defend him publicly? Impressive.”

ED! asked Denise’s representative for further comment.

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