Dermot O’Leary “emotional” as his parents can be seen

This morning’s host, Dermot O’Leary, looked emotional when his parents surprisingly appeared on the show.

The 47-year-old presenter was unexpectedly accompanied by his mother and father in the ITV program today (March 5th).

When he appeared alongside Alison Hammond, his co-host revealed that they had Maria and Seán on Videolink.

Dermot O’Leary got emotional talking to his parents that morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Dermot O’Leary that morning?

Dermot seemed thrilled to have his parents on the show when he greeted them with a warm greeting: “Hi guys!”

During the chat, the group discussed recent reports that his family had heard of Who Do You Think You Are?

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But as a baby, conversation soon turned to Dermot.

Alison really wanted to know what Dermot was like as a kid before a Relapse aired.

Dermot appeared visibly upset after speaking to his mom and dad (Credit: ITV)

In addition, his mother announced that he fell asleep at his first concert.

After the chat, Alison said, “You are so warm and lovely. You are just as nice! “

Dermot’s parents are so cute

Dermot looked emotional and said, “How should I make the menu now?”

Fortunately, Alison quickly took over and read Dermot’s next line.

She added, “Oh, don’t get emotional!”

His parents shared a throwback photo (Image credit: ITV)

How did the audience react?

The audience that morning was touched by the family reunification.

One said on Twitter: “#ThisMorning Dermot’s parents are so cute.”

A second added, “Dermot .. your dad is adorable, but boy, he needs subtitles!”

A third also wrote, “I like the fact that Dermot calls his parents Lads. #This morning.”

Meanwhile, others were confused by her Irish accents.

One pointed out, “Why doesn’t Dermot have an Irish accent? #This morning.”

Dermot O’Leary dealt the family a blow

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Dermot announced that his family had been informed by BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Speaking on the Snot, sweat & tears On the maternity podcast, he said, “You researched my family for about three months.

Dermot Has Been Rejected By Who Do You Think You Are? (Photo credit:

“You came back and said, ‘There just aren’t enough interesting things about your family.'”

In addition, the moderator discussed his family background.

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Not only did Dermot’s relatives come from a family of sailors, but they were also linked to the Mafia.

He concluded, “I just don’t think they tried hard enough. It’s awful, isn’t it? Absolutely awful. “

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