Dermot O’Leary slammed as he tried to cut off the guest

That morning, host Dermot O’Leary seemed to cut off a grieving widow.

Dermot, 48, was talking to the woman about her late husband’s motor home that had been tragically stolen.

But the audience was in the arms as Dermot quickly moved on before his guest had stopped talking.

Dermot wanted to move on quickly (Credit: ITV)

What happened this morning this morning?

Dermot and co-host Alison Hammond spoke to Bianca Lambert in Whistable, who stated that the family’s motor home had been stolen.

Unfortunately, her 35-year-old husband Tom had died of aggressive colon cancer a few months earlier.

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But before he died they bought ‘Olive’ and made one last trip around the world.

And now that the vehicle was still full of Tom’s “trinkets” and travel memorabilia, the motorhome was gone and Bianca appealed for him to return.

This morning Dermot O'Leary cut off a bereaved widow
Bianca appealed for the return of her family’s motorhome (Photo credit: ITV)

How did Dermot cut her off?

After Bianca appealed, Dermot and Alison said they would do anything to help her and her two daughters.

Dermot tried to cut them off, however, for one final credit for the hospice that Tom was treating.

Obviously on time, he said, “Thank you Bianca” as she spoke.

How did the audience react?

Viewers weren’t particularly happy with Dermot’s interruption.

One said, โ€œDermot is trying to cut off this woman who is praising a local charity. Shut up and let her speak. “

Another wrote, “Don’t try to cut her off from Dermot #ThisMorning.”

A third raged: “Dermot tries to cut them off towards the end, they really prioritize the weather above all, don’t they?”

After hearing Bianca’s story, viewers also expressed their anger.

“What bastards,” wrote one viewer.

“Stealing an RV is bad enough, but stealing a RV from a woman whose memories of her husband are in the RV #ThisMorning.”

ED! asked the staff for a comment

This Morning stars Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary say it took them months to get used to each other
Alison and Dermot Revealed It All (Credit: ITV)

How do Dermot and Alison get along?

In the early morning the presenting duo appeared in Lorraine.

And during their interview, they said that it took them two months to get used to each other.

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And they admitted that there were elements of each other’s personality that they didn’t like.

“When you co-show, it takes a while to get those little nuances and the little beats,” said Dermot.

โ€œYou experience each other’s sense of humor, you find out what you like about each other and what you don’t like. These things take about two months. “

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