Designer Anjali Phougat: My mother is a great inspiration to me

The designer Anjali Phougat sees her mother as a great inspiration. “My parents are my favorite teachers because I think parents teach you everything. They give you great values ​​and before you start school, your school days start at home. My mother is a great inspiration to me. She owned a small boutique where I felt encouraged to start my own clothing line. I was born in Gurgaon, Haryana. My mom is my mentor and I feel inspired by a lot of great designers, ”said Anjali, best known for her talk show called Designer Dream Collection Diva Series.

She believes that mentors encourage and facilitate the professional or personal development of another person. “A mentor can help focus efforts by setting goals and providing feedback. As a result, companies that want to improve their employees’ skills often create mentoring programs, ”she said.

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Your mentor and ideal is Sadhguru. “He has nothing to do with the fashion world, but I am inspired by his ideology about life and inclusion,” said the designer. “Every business should serve the human good and every activity we do should be inclusive. It is very important. Business should be inclusive. I learned that from my mentor and that is my goal for my clothing line to create added value for everyone, to solve a problem and make it integrative and to take Indian fashion to another level, ”she said. It is important to find a mentor willing and able to take you on. “A good mentor is someone who supports and encourages you to achieve higher goals, take the next step, and move yourself to success in business. The perfect mentor is someone who has experience in an area where you need a little extra help because you may lack the knowledge or experience, ”Anjali said. “A good mentor will help you stay accountable for your goals, he will help you pay attention and stay on track. If you are frustrated and want to give up, they will push you harder and keep you going. A mentor can be invaluable in asking you the tough questions and challenging you to find the answers, ”she concluded.

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