Dev and Bernie start a romance?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Dev and Bernie are spending the night together. But does it turn into a romance?

Evelyn recently had an accident at Dev’s shop and claimed to have injured her foot. Dev later saw her walking on her injured foot. But she’s still milking her fake injury so Bernie can help her.

In the next week’s scenes, Evelyn continues her fake injury while Bernie runs errands for her.

But Bernie soon assures Dev that she has a master plan.

Bernie caught Evelyn (Image: ITV)

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Bernie drops Cerberus at home and uses a dog treat to uncover Evelyn’s fraud.

Bernie tells Dev that Evelyn will be back to work tomorrow and that he owes her a drink.

Coronation Street spoilers: Dev and Bernie spend the night together

When Aadi makes fun of Dev’s nonexistent love life, Bernie comes to his rescue and arranges for them to go to brunch.

Bernie and Dev go out (Image: ITV)

Dev plays along, but while the two enjoy their fake date, Dev suggests that they go back to # 7 and continue their farce.

After that, Dev tells Bernie that she won’t get a rerun.

Bernie is overwhelmed by his arrogance and tells him not to flatter himself.

Later, Aadi and Asha are horrified to find that their father and Bernie have some kind of relationship.

Mary tears a strip off Bernie (Image: ITV)

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When Mary hears what happened, she rips Bernie off a strip for taking advantage of her good friend Dev.

But when she overhears Dev laughing with Steve and pretending he just kidnapped Bernie for getting drunk, Mary is worried.

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