Did Jodie leave Holby City? Sian Reece-Williams confirms the exit

Jodie has been to Holby City for the past few months. But has Jodie left Holby City for good?

Last week Jodie returned to the hospital to tell Sacha that she was pregnant with her child. However, when she saw the nurse Lucky, she fled the hospital.

To find her, Dom went into Sacha’s car and looked for her. But she soon called Sacha to tell him that she would raise her child on her own.

Sian has played Jodie for the past few months (Credit: BBC)

On the phone, Jodie stepped into the street in Dom’s path. Dom dodged to avoid her, but threw her down before bumping into a container full of scaffolding poles.

In the final episode of the BBC drama (Tuesday, February 16), viewers saw the aftermath of the car accident.

Jodie and Sacha were engaged (Credit: BBC)

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Dom had been operated on after being impaled on a pole.

In the meantime, Jodie also needed an operation, and Sacha was shocked when Jodie’s mother showed up at the hospital when Jodie had told her she was dead.

Jodie was broken when she found out her baby had died (Credit: BBC)

During the operation, Jodie’s baby died. When Jodie walked by, she overheard on the phone how Jodie was mentally in a bad place and had just lost her unborn baby.

Devastated, Jodie fled the room. Lucky soon found her, however, and they took Jodie to separate them.

Did Jodie leave Holby City? What did Sian Reece-Williams say?

While it wasn’t revealed in the episode whether this was the last time Jodie was seen, Sian Reece-Williams confirmed that it was her last episode as Jodie.

She wrote on Twitter: “Thank you, Holby. I had a great time. “

Commenting on the post, her followers said they were sad to see Jodie leave, but praised Sian for her performance.

One wrote, “Oh my god, I didn’t know this was your last episode. What an amazing final episode for you. I loved watching you! “

Sian said goodbye to Holby (Image Credit: BBC)

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A second commented, “You were brilliant. The feeling Jodie got in the audience shows how great the performance was. “

A third added, “I loved seeing you in Holby. Great acting. I hope it won’t be long before we see you on TV again. “

Holby City airs Tuesdays on BBC One at 5:50 p.m.

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