Did John Thomson remarry after his painful divorce?

John Thomson is guest star on McDonald & Dodds this weekend, but who is he up against? And is the actor married in real life?

The performer made a name for himself on comedy sketch shows before rising to fame as Pete Gifford in Cold Feet.

But his fame came at a price – and his tumultuous love life and battle against alcoholism made the news too.

Everything you need to know about the McDonald & Dodds star can be found here.

John Thomson as Jimmy Daly at McDonald & Dodds (Image credit: ITV1)

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John Thomson McDonald & Dodds: Who Does He Play?

John Thomson is Jimmy Daly at McDonald & Dodds on ITV1.

Jimmy, the chairman of the Bath Eagles rugby club, throws a party at his home for some players.

The boys go out for a drink before the party, but one of the players dies and is found dead near the train tunnel.

John says, “Behind Jimmy’s back, people think he’s joking. He’s some ‘new money’, a Flash Harry.

“He introduces himself a bit like a Lothario, but his geeky, nerdy side lets him down.”

John has previously worked with both Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia.

John and Jason played together in Trollied, while Tala played John’s daughter on the CBBC series Scream Street.

Tala also appeared in Cold Feet but did not share any scenes with John.

John Thomson McDonald & Dodds: What else did he play in?

Most recently, John was exposed as the Bush Baby in The Masked Singer, but he has been performing for more than three decades.

John made a name for himself in comedy before embarking on a prestigious career in more serious roles.

He has appeared in various comedy sketch shows alongside Paul Merton, Harry Enfield, Reeves and Mortimer and Steve Coogan.

John later voiced several Spitting Image puppets, including Jeremy Paxman, Paul Gascoigne, and Norman Lamont.

After seven episodes as Ken in Men Behaving Badly, John’s role on The Fast Show made him one of the UK’s most recognizable faces.

After showing off his comedic talents, John portrayed Terry Corlette in Blackpool, Charlie Darling in New Street Law, Nigel Pearson in the UK and Jesse Chadwick on Coronation Street.

He has shown up on Waterloo Road, Death in Paradise, Casualty and Brassic.

John has portrayed Pete in Cold Feet from 1997 to the present date.

John Thomson appears in McDonald & Dodds, but is he a suspect?  (Photo credit: ITV1)
John Thomson appears in McDonald & Dodds, but is he a suspect? (Photo credit: ITV1)

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How old is john thomson

John was born Patrick Francis McAleer on April 2, 1969.

He is currently 51 years old.

Where does he come from?

John was born in Walkden, Salford in Lancashire.

His mother, Mary McAleer, gave him up for adoption six weeks after he was born.

He was adopted by the Catholic Children’s Rescue Society by Andrew and Marita Thomson, a Didsbury businessman and bookseller.

Masked singer bush baby
John Thomson was Bush Baby in The Masked Singer’s second series and made fools of all the judges! (Photo credit: ITV1)

John Thomson McDonald & Dodds: Did John lose weight?

John admits that he recently went on a weight loss diet.

About working in a Covid-safe environment, he said, “You had to pre-order your food weeks in advance.

“Luckily I was on a diet and just ordered a lot of salads.

“I did the paleo diet like a caveman and it really works for me.

“I haven’t really lost weight, but I’ve strengthened myself and my muscle mass has improved massively!”

The actor also admitted that while doing the wardrobe customization for McDonald & Dodds, he realized he wanted to lose weight.

He adds, “I couldn’t put on 36 waist pants so I thought, ‘Right, this is not good’.

“So I started doing the Paleo Diet, which is more of a lifestyle than a fashion diet, and I managed to get to a 34 waistline.”

John Thomson’s personal battles / scandals

John has been open about his struggles with alcoholism, but has been sober for more than a decade.

He says, “I don’t drink and I haven’t done it in 14 years. In a way, I went into lockdown 14 years ago!

“I have the tools to use [lockdown]because I don’t go to pubs, I don’t go to clubs, I don’t socialize in places where there is alcohol.

“I got used to being alone with books a long time ago. I love reading and playing video games. So there are so many things I can turn to.”

In 2002, John admitted cheating on his girlfriend with two fans.

He was involved in the threesome after a party while filming in Australia.

He confessed to his girlfriend Sam Sharp after returning to the UK, but they continued to marry.

John has also admitted suicidal thoughts after his life turned to alcohol and drugs and his job dried up.

He has had several spells in the priory.

Cold feet series 8
John Thomson as Pete with the rest of the eighth cast of the Cold Feet series (Credit: ITV1)

Is John Thomson Married? Does he have kids?

John was once married and divorced.

He married longtime girlfriend Samantha Sharp in 2005.

They had two daughters – Olivia, born in 2002, and Sophia Melody, born in 2010.

They divorced in 2015.

At the time, they said they were “still friends” and their two daughters remained their “absolute priority”.

He admits he got into online dating but is currently considered single.

McDonald & Dodds series two, episode two

A birthday weekend goes horribly wrong when Angela and four of her friends travel from Glasgow to Bath to celebrate.

During the night they meet a rugby player who, however, appears dead the next day under mysterious circumstances.

The partygoers all become suspects when McDonald and Dodds investigate what appears to be a murder case.

Jason Watkins and Tala Gouveia star, with guest appearances from Sharon Rooney, John Thomson, Natalie Gumede and Shelley Conn.

McDonald & Dodd’s series two, episode two, will air on Sunday, March 7th, 2021 at 8 p.m. on ITV1.

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