Did you know Arpit Ranka and Sidharth Shukla did a photo shoot together?

The actor Arpit Ranka, popularly known as Duryodhan from Mahabharat, had known the late Sidharth Shukla for some time. Some time ago Arpit and Sidharth did a photo shoot together with designer Shaahid Aamir. Arpit recalls: “A long time ago in 2003 we both did a photo shoot with designer Shaahid Aamir, and this was the first photo shoot for both of us. We have known each other ever since. In 2016 we lived in the same building in Mumbai. Then one day we bumped into each other in the elevator and he praised me for my build. I also met his mother often and was in his apartment. Our common interest was fitness and of course working in the same industry. He looked like a fun-loving guy to me. “Ranka adds:” He’s done really well over the past few years. It’s sad that we lost him so early. Even many years ago when we did the photo shoot, I could see a lot of sparks in him. “

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