Dingle Matriarch remains while Kain denies Nate

In Emmerdale, Faith Dingle will stay in the village.

The family matriarch returned to ITV soap last week after previously being banished by son Cain for hiding the fact that he had a son, Nate.

Faith Dingle is back in Emmerdale for good (Image credit: ITV)

Believe back in Emmerdale

But while her daughter Chas was happy to see her, it wasn’t Cain.

To stay in the village, Faith had to turn to Dingle Court while the family voted on her fate.

And in the end the decisive vote fell on Cain’s son Nate.

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To everyone’s shock, he decided to forgive Faith and vote for her to stay.

And later, when he smoothed things out with his father and thanked him for his help with Tracy’s work, he discovered the cost of his forgiveness.

“Being there meant a lot – to both of us,” Nate said to his father.

“I would hate it if what happened before messes things up between us.”

Cain thought differently, “You, half of my family and even my own wife, made your choice very clear.

“If you hadn’t shown up, she wouldn’t have said anything about you. I wouldn’t know you existed, but you greet them with open arms. “

Nate insisted that forgiveness was the only way and reminded him that he had forgiven him for what he had done.

However, Cain would not move.

Cain turned his back on son Nate for supporting Faith (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle costs Nate his father

“Let me tell you,” he said.

“I’ve forgiven enough in the past year to live a lifetime. I just thought we were going somewhere.

“We are not, not no. I just thought there would be some loyalty between us, but you stabbed me in the back.

“I’ll tell you what I don’t want – you, here again and again.

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“So get out before I do something I regret.”

By keeping his grandmother Faith in the village, Nate may have ruined his relationship with his father.

On today’s episode of Emmerdale, Faith heard her family say it might not be a good idea for them to stay in the village.

Can Faith really leave her family again? (Photo credit: ITV)

She made the decision to sneak away from Emmerdale but was caught by Moira. Faith got in the car to leave, but Moira told her that if she left there was no going back.

When Faith was in the car, she switched on the engine. But can she really leave her family again?

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