Do Luke and Victoria break up? (June 14-18)

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Victoria learns the truth about Luke and Lee’s fight. Is it over for the couple?

In the next week’s scenes, Luke wakes up hungover on Wendy’s sofa after trying to erase his confession to Victoria.

He is desperate when everything comes back to him.

Wendy manages to convince Luke to tell Victoria the full story (Image Credit: ITV)

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Wendy manages to convince Luke to tell Victoria the full story about his fight with Lee.

While they talk, Victoria is still confused about Luke’s behavior and she tells him that she needs to know everything he’s been hiding from her so that they have a chance.

However, Luke can’t bring himself to be completely honest with Victoria.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Victoria Learns the Truth

Soon, Wendy Vic reluctantly reveals the rest of the story, and she is completely dejected when she starts putting the pieces together.

Will they all be able to recover from what has been revealed? (Photo credit: ITV)

The effects of Wendy’s honesty left Luke, Victoria, and herself devastated.

Will everyone recover from this, or is this the end of Luke and Victoria?

What happened between Luke and Lee?

In 2019, Victoria was raped by Luke’s brother Lee Posner and became pregnant.

Victoria’s brother Robert later attacked Lee by hitting him on the head with a shovel. Lee later died in hospital and Robert was sentenced to a life imprisonment of at least 14 years.

Recently, Luke told Wendy that just before Robert hit Lee, Luke told his brother that he was with a man named Steven.

Lee was Wendy’s oldest son and Luke’s brother, but he died in 2019 (Image: ITV)

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However, Lee attacked Luke and started beating him up. To stop his brother, Luke pushed his brother away and Lee fell to the ground, hit his head and passed out.

He soon woke up and left and just a few hours later he was hit over the head by Robert.

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