Does Anne Hegerty have a husband and was she married?

Anne Hegerty has made a name for herself on a number of TV shows from The Chase to I’m A Celebrity.

The 62-year-old quiz expert has gained a fan base thanks to her incredible achievements on the game show and Beat the Chasers and has opened up to living with autism during her stay in the jungle.

Here is everything you need to know about Anne.

Anne Hegerty made a name for herself at The Chase (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Who is Anne Hegerty?

Anne was born on July 14, 1958 in Westminster.

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The star began her career as a journalist in the 1980s as a reporter and feature writer in the South Wales Argus.

Anne plays The Governess on ITV’s The Chase with Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, Shaun Wallace and Darragh Ennis.

Anne Hegerty
Anne not married (Image credit: ITV)

Does Anne Hegerty have a husband and was she married?

No, Anne doesn’t have a husband.

However, her Wikipedia page once claimed that she was married to a man named Jake Hester since 2015.

Anne told her roommates in 2018, “I took my side to change things like my birthplace and hometown, but now I’ve stopped caring.

“People still say I am married to someone named Jake Heston! I don’t really know who he is. “

Anne Hegerty
The Chase star shared their love life (Photo Credit: Grant Buchanan /

What did Anne say about her love life?

The quizzer appeared on Loose Women on January 6th and talked about dating.

Anne talked about what she’s looking for in a man: “It would have to be someone who is intelligent with facts and reads books.

“It might not be a problem if he doesn’t necessarily ask questions, as long as he understands that I have questions.”

Meanwhile, Anne said of her fan base: “Most of my fans are older women and I think some of them hope I’m a lesbian.

Anne Hegerty on loose women
Anne said her ideal guy was Tommy Lee Jones! (Photo credit: ITV)

“I have to let her down gently somehow.”

She also added: “Even as a teenager, I was always interested in older men, for my mother’s concern.

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“Everyone else my age went through a David Cassidy phase, but I went straight into a Lee Marvin phase.

“What can I say, my ideal guy is Tommy Lee Jones!”

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