Dom’s life hangs in the balance

It’s Holby City tonight (Tuesday February 16) and viewers will see hospital staff fight to save the lives of Dom, Jodie and their unborn baby.

In the episode last week, Jodie returned to the hospital to tell Sacha that she is pregnant with her child. However, she fled again and saw Lucky, the mental health nurse.

Sacha rushes to help Dom (Credit: BBC)

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When Dom went looking for her, Jodie called Sacha and insisted that she raise the child on her own. But when she stepped out into the street, Dom turned to avoid her.

In the end, however, he threw her down before he drove into a container filled with scaffolding poles and had it impaled.

In today’s scenes, Sacha and Hassan find Dom impaled on the metal pole. Sacha quickly realizes that it’s a race against time and if they don’t get him out, he’ll bleed to death.

Will Dom survive? (Image credit: BBC)

They manage to get Dom to the theater but it is clear that he has suffered massive injuries. Hassen is soon accompanied by Dom’s mother, Ange.

After hearing the news of her son’s accident, she is determined to save his life.

Since Dom’s surgery seems to be going wrong, Ange is obviously concerned about her son and tries to reach out to Dom’s adoptive mother, Carole, to offer support.

Ange starts to beat herself up for not telling Dom earlier how much she cares about him. Will Dom survive?

Holby City Spoiler: Sacha fights over Jodie and the baby

Meanwhile, Jodie is also badly injured, but worries about her unborn child.

Jodie asks Sacha to save her baby (Image Credit: BBC)

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She makes Sacha promise that he will choose the baby when it comes to deciding whether to save her life or that of the baby.

Sacha fights to keep mother and child alive. Will they both survive?

Holby City airs Tuesdays on BBC One at 5:50 p.m.

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