Double celebration for Vinod Sam Peters ‘Puglya’ who wins BIG at the prestigious TGFF Turkey and Onyko Northern Europe

After director Vinod Peter won hearts at the 2021 Moscow Film Festival with his debut Marathi Film Puglya, he added two more feathers to his already overflowing cap of awards! This time Puglya won the “Best Film” award at the prestigious “The Gladiator Film Festival (TGFF) Turkey” and the “Best Director” award at Onyko Estonia. Puglya, who is very sensitive to the numerous feelings of children and their immortal sentimental ties, has won over 47 awards (and counts) and recognitions at numerous film festivals around the world to date.

Commenting on the movie’s latest accomplishments, Peter said, “To be honest, I’m running out of words to express my feelings. I am completely overwhelmed by all the awards my film has won on an international level. As a child I always dreamed that Indian films would achieve great success on an international level. Today I can proudly say that God was very kind to me; I was able to realize my childhood dream of recording Puglya, an entirely Indian film on an international scale. It’s not just about the official selection; It is also the countless awards that my film has received at several festivals, which makes me proud as a filmmaker. In the same breath I would like to add that I am also pleased to see a Marathi film like Puglya recognized in various countries. There have been film festivals where Puglya happened to be the first Indian film to be selected or awarded! It is extremely satisfying to hold our prestigious Indian flag internationally. “

Puglya has already participated in many top events such as the Moscow International Film Festival in Russia, London, Italy, Sweden, Australia, the Philippines, Iran, Argentina, Lebanon, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Spain, the Philippines, Israel, the USA and the USA received numerous awards, Canada. Needless to say, given the excitement in the international arena, Vinod Peter and his team are very excited to see the response from the Indian audience.

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