Download Borderlight Live Wallpaper APK for Android

Borderlight Live Wallpaper is a personalization application that gives your mobile device fun and colorful borders. It animates the edges of your screen by adding what appear to be dancing rainbow lights around your device. Borderlight Live Wallpaper is customizable and is designed to fit your screen regardless of its size and shape.

Download Borderlight Live Wallpaper APK

Control Color Behavior

The application offers you different options for your borders. When you open Borderlight Live Wallpaper, you will see which elements can be adjusted. The first one on the menu is the cycling speed, which determines how often the colors will change and how fast they will flicker around your phone. You can set them to a fast speed like the flickering of Christmas lights, and you can also slow them down for a more soothing effect. You can also adjust the border size to change the width of the borders. You can make them thinner if you want the colors to be less visible. Otherwise, adjust it to a thicker size. For the border-radius option, adjusting them will simply distort the shape of the border with sharp or rounded corners. With this, it can be adjusted to fit any screen shape.

Users can change the colors of the border, although the available colors are limited. Changing the background image is also possible and you can make adjustments to its visibility on your screen.

Simple but Entertaining

Borderlight Live Wallpaper doesn’t really do much more than add sparkling lights to your screen, but it’s undeniably fun and entertaining to watch. The Live Wallpaper is capable of making the phone experience of its users more enjoyable. If you find yourself just watching the colors as they dance around your screen, that’s perfectly normal.

Download Borderlight Live Wallpaper APK

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