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Android users rejoiced in October 2018 when Fortnite for Android devices was finally launched. The immensely popular video game was previously only available on game consoles, Apple and Windows devices. Fortnite combines craftsmanship and construction, as well as the combative “last man standing” game, which encompasses multiple game genres.

The game is rated for teens and up because of the violence, but parents can be assured that this is not a normal battle game. Gore and blood are noticeably less than other games of its nature. The emphasis is not on the morbidity of killing players, but rather on eliminating opponents while striving to be the last “live” player.

In the Battle Royale game mode, players join together, collect supplies and weapons, build forts to protect themselves. This multiplayer version of the game is what sent Fortnite to the stardom of video games. It is an excellent game for teenagers (and adults!) who seek to interact with friends, be creative and avoid the excessive evil of similar games.

The most exciting game out there

The real value of Fortnite’s arrival in Android is that new users and existing players can now fight on the go.
Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular video games at the moment. First released in 2017 by Epic Games, this free online video game has conquered the world.

It originally launched two game modes: Fortnite: Save the World, where users fight against AI zombies, and Fortnite: Battle Royale which, as its name indicates, is a real battle scenario of 100 players against players where everyone fights to be the last player standing.

In 2018, Epic Games launched the third game mode: Fortnite: Creative, where users can build their own worlds. Epic Games launches improvements of the game quarterly, which attracts the players so that they see new functions. The three game modes are free; however, Epic Games offers an improved “Battle Pass” where users can complete weekly challenges to unlock rewards that include outfits, wraps, emoticons, pets and other styles.

Fortnite’s trend is to buy equipment and gear upgrades for your game avatar. It feels like high school all over again, worrying about what to wear to be “cool”, only this time it’s not even for a real human! The game begins with players entering the world of Fortnite through a “battle bus”. It feels exactly like I imagine The Hunger Games would feel.

Upon landing, players rush to collect weapons, equipment and hide or start building defensive forts. Teammates support each other, fight against rival teams and work together. Users can choose to play alone with other players on the same device, or together with anyone.

T02 he advantage of this choice is that those who play on a mobile version of Fortnite are at a disadvantage, as the game is better optimized for console or computer games. For example, a player on an Android device has more difficulty with the game’s controls and navigation, so they may choose to play against other players with the same disadvantage.

Fortnite’s graphics in Android have appeared since its original beta release. However, they are still inferior to the graphics on the game console, computer or iOS device. As Android users are used to do, expect the graphics not to be as high quality or representative of what you are used to when playing on a superior device. General navigation is also more complicated.

Lag is another major problem that Android users face when playing Fortnite on their tablets and mobile devices. This is especially frustrating if you are somewhat competitive and have a team you are trying to help get to the end. Fortnite for Android users have support in the form of online FAQs and the ability to communicate with Epic Games directly through Fortnite’s “Help” button. All players must have an Epic Games username and password to play and are subject to their Privacy Policy.

Where can you run this program?

Fortnite for Android is available on selected Samsung devices (Galaxy S9 / S9+, Note 8, Galaxy S8 / S8+, Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge, Tab S3, Tab S4), Google Pixel devices, multiple LG devices, Razer Phone, multiple Xiaomi devices, and more. If your Android device is not supported, but has 3 GB of RAM or more and the latest version of Android, it is still eligible. It is free to download and play.

Is there a better alternative?

Fortnite can run on all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and now Android. Anyone who plays this addictive game on a mobile device is at a slight disadvantage compared to a console player. This is to be expected and is not exclusive to Android.

When comparing mobile device platforms, the overall graphic quality is noticeably better in iOS than in Android. Since the true value of Fortnite’s arrival on Android is just another platform to reach its user base, this is not a decisive factor. True Fortnite fans will play on their consoles or computers most of the time, simply enjoying the mobile version of Android when they want to sneak in an extra challenge.

Fortnite’s cheerful but action-packed form makes it suitable and fun for a wide audience. Both children and their parents can have fun creating worlds, forming teams and embarking on the journey together. Access to the game on Android only makes that interaction more attainable now.

Should you download it?

Yes, great players have already played Fortnite the right way on a game console or computer. They realize that playing Fortnite on any mobile platform (iOS or Android) is just an additional way to enjoy this great game. When it is considered an “extra”, Fortnite for Android users can excuse their lower quality graphics, delay and navigation difficulties.

Definitely download this game for an extra dose of Fortnite fun. Casual gamers, without game consoles or the desire to play on a computer, may be disappointed by the quality of the graphics and overwhelmed by the cumbersome operation. Enter it knowing that this is an additional way to play a truly optimized console/computer game and have fun with it as it is.

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