Dr. Hilary Jones amazes with the remark “intimate piercings”

GMB health expert Dr. Hilary Jones stunned his co-stars today (February 24th) when he commented on “Intimate Body Piercings”.

The 67-year-old stopped Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on their tracks while the hosts argued over tattoos.

It came after 55-year-old Piers yesterday called it “drop-in standards” for a school principal to wear a full tattoo sleeve on the show.

Dr. Hilary hysterically left Piers Morgan at GMB today (Credit: ITV)

Susanna continued to insist today that Piers was unreasonable.

She pointed out that tattoos are not a problem in teaching.

GMB: What did Dr. Hilary Jones said?

However, things took an unusual turn when Dr. Hilary made his judgment.

Piers asked, “Hilary, do you have any tattoos?”

The GP noted that he was “more of an intimate piercing man” (Credit: ITV).

In the meantime, the doctor casually replied, “No, I’m more of an intimate, stabbing man myself.”

Piers burst out laughing when the GMB crew heard giggles behind the cameras.

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When the host sat down, Hilary asked, “What’s funny about that?”

Piers replied, “This is my favorite moment ever.

Piers couldn’t suppress laughing at the comment (Credit: ITV)

“That’s when the halo collapsed and I realized there was a total deviator under that smiling face.”

Hilary quipped back, “Don’t judge me by that!”

I’m more of an intimate, stabbing man myself

It is now unknown if Hilary was joking.

Commenting on the moment, one viewer said: “The funniest 10 minutes on @GMB this morning! Piers with one of his wonderful insults and Dr. Hilary implies he has his [bleep] pierced. “

In addition, a second shared, “Agree with Piers, this is the best moment.”

A third added, “What a brilliant answer from Dr. Hilary. Brilliant.”

ED! contacted ITV for further comments.

What else happened at GMB?

During today’s show, Piers made viewers “cry with laughter” after calling himself the B word in the air.

At some point he suggested getting the rude word tattooed on his forehead.

Piers and Susanna argued over tattoos (Image credit: ITV)

The host read a tweet from a viewer that said, “I think Piers should have a tattoo live on the show.”

Piers asked, “Why? Why should I do that? What would i do What would i put? Legend on my forehead? “

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Susanna joked: “Something else on your forehead …”

In addition, Piers replied: “[Bleep]? “Susanna was stunned when she burst out laughing.

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