Dr. Hilary Jones divides viewers with “negative” Covid comments

Lorraine viewers have Dr. Hilary Jones criticized for his “negative” COVID-19 comments on today’s show.

Hilary appeared on the program to discuss the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday in which he said England is well on its way to lifting all coronavirus restrictions on July 19.

Boris Johnson said there would be no more restrictions on social contacts or capacity at major events.

He also said the requirement to wear a face mask will be lifted and people will be able to choose whether to wear one.

Dr. Hilary shared his thoughts on the government’s lockdown plan (Image Credit: Photo by Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock)

What does Dr. Hilary Jones said to Lorraine?

However, the family doctor warned against lifting all restrictions in one fell swoop, if we have increasing cases, is “dangerous”.

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He continued: “The [vaccine] The program has been very successful, it has reduced hospital stays and deaths, but the more cases we have, the higher the risk of a new variant.

“Masks protect others, not themselves. I feel sorry for people in retail on the other side of the checkout, in the supermarket or in a store.

Lorraine Dr.  Hilary Jones
Dr. Hilary appeared on Lorraine today (Credit: Photo by Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock)

“I feel sorry for people who work on public transport when no one is wearing masks.

“It’s personal responsibility, but we all know that there are people who say, ‘You know what, I don’t believe this COVID-19 thing at all, I’m not going to wear a mask, why should I?’ ”

Hilary added, “It’s the people in the poorest 10% of the country who are three times more likely to die from Covid when they get it.”

He concluded by saying, “I just think it would have been a good idea to stick with some basic guidelines …

“… It is not yet set in stone that we will be releasing all restrictions, but they will check on July 12th.

Lorraine Dr.  Hilary Jones
Some people agreed with Dr. Hilary zu (Credit: Photo by Ken McKay / ITV / Shutterstock)

What did the Lorraine spectators say?

“I think they are warning us that it will happen as they already say they know there will be new cases.”

Viewers were divided over his comments, with some accusing him of being “negative”.

One wrote on Twitter: “Dr. Hilary is always so negative, sounds like he loves us all in a permanent lockdown.”

Another person said, “How can you ruin your day … the sight of Doctor Gloom.”

One added, “Oh, take a rest, Dr. Hilary – people deserve the freedom to make their own decisions about their health. “

Another wrote: “Why is it when I turn this man on is always Dr. Doom and Gloom! So you want us to be locked up forever? “

What did the audience say?

Others, however, agreed with Hilary.

One tweeted, “Yes, Dr. Hilary is right! I also feel sorry for the people behind the cash register, you wear your mask for the health of others! “

Another said, “Dr. Hillary is exactly right (like during the pandemic)…. I wish he would rule the country. “

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