DRECORDS release CHINTAMANI GANESHA by DALER MEHNDI in celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi 2021

By Jyothi Venkatesh

This is the time of year when we hear lively melodies with bells, drums, the divine conch, and an oboe-like nadaswaram echoing through the air. The entire area prepares to welcome Ganesha in September to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival that marks the birth (rebirth) of Lord Ganesh. The pandemic has slowly dulled all hopes, but as it is said, every festival brings with it the opportunity to address old misery and build new hopes.

Riding on this festive spirit, the indi-pop singer Daler Mehndi has prepared for a spiritual release of the song “Chintamani Ganesha”. The song was written and composed by the pop singer himself in the typical Daler Mehndi style, a style full of musical effervescence, energy, festivity and happiness with the certainty that the Chintamani removes all deposits, blockages and obstacles.

The singer recently released a short teaser of the song “Chintamani Ganesha”. The song begins with a throbbing melody with images of him and other devotees who adore Lord Ganesha with gusto. The song will be released worldwide on all platforms today.

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“Doston Khushiyan Baantnein Se Hazaar Guna Badh Jaatee Hain. Aur Maine Bhot Saaree Khushiyan Apke Liye Apnon Ke Liye Bikheree Grove, Baanteen Grove. Aur Who Bhi Shree Ganesh and Ke Charnon Mein. Unke Charnon my Sabki Haazri Lagaee Hai, Sabki Binati Lagaee Hai Ke – Hey Parmatma Sab Ghar Khushiyon Se Bhar Do, Dukh Rog Sab Harr Lo. Get your elders, children, to hear and energize them, ”said Daler Mehndi.

Daler has been seen as very active on social media and is working at breakneck speed releasing songs across genres. In August he had seen his debut with a Ghazal, ‘Sada Dil Todke’, then a Shiva track ‘Bhole Nath Bhandari’, a Rajasthani folk ‘Aao Ji’ in Raag Des, Saraswati and Jaijaivanti. Many movie songs are waiting for their release and much more from the DRecords roster.

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