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Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync and share files online. The app works like any other folder on your computer, but with some differences. Any files or folders within the tool are synced with the Dropbox servers and any other computer linked to your account. Green checkmarks will appear over your files to let you know that they are synced and up to date.
All data is transferred over SSL and encrypted with AES-256 before storage. It tracks every change made to its contents. It’s free to download and free to use 2GB of online storage, with up to 1TB available to paying customers.

To download and install the Dropbox desktop app.

Click this link to download and install the Dropbox desktop app on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.
After installation, you will be prompted to either sign in or create a new account.

To install the desktop app with administrator privileges

The Dropbox desktop app requires administrator rights to run with full functionality on your computer. This enables several different core Dropbox features, including:

  • Sync icons that show the sync status of files and folders.
  • Right-click context menus for quick actions in Dropbox
  • Access to Smart Sync

For the vast majority of users, the desktop app is automatically installed with administrator privileges. However, if you did not install with administrator privileges, you can follow the instructions below to do so.
Note: If you don’t have administrator rights on your computer (for example, if you’re using a work computer), you may need to ask your IT department for help.

Install the Dropbox desktop app with administrator privileges.

  1. If you already have Dropbox installed, uninstall the app
  2. Download the Dropbox application.
  3. Open the installer.
    Do not right-click or Command-click Run as administrator.
  4. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
    If you are prompted for an administrator username and password, enter them or contact your administrator to log in.
    If you are not prompted for an administrator user name and password, you are already an administrator on your computer.
  5. Complete the installation and log in to Dropbox.

Synchronize files with your PC

One of the main purposes of this PC application is to sync files with your computer and make them available for cloud storage. You can drag and drop files to this application and store them in your cloud, which is a very easy and user-friendly way to handle file storage in the cloud with Dropbox.
First, of course, you need to install this application on your system. The installation should not take too long, but you will need to have your account ready before you can use this application.
If you already have an account, you will need to enter your username and password. If not, you’ll need to create one before you can get started.

To download files from Dropbox without logging in.

Dropbox keeps your files safe online, while making them available for anyone to view or download instantly, without having to log in to the file owner’s account. This may seem paradoxical, but it’s not. Dropbox allows its users to provide a “share link” or URL that allows them or others to view or download a particular file or folder without logging in.

Download Dropbox file or folder

1.Launch your web browser.
2.Type or paste the Dropbox URL of the file or folder into the browser’s address field, and then press Enter.
3.Select the Download button to download a single file. However, if you are downloading an entire folder, select “Download” followed by “Download as zip” to save the folder’s contents as a single, compressed ZIP archive.


  • Streamline remote work
    Dropbox centralizes your team’s content and tools – whether you’re working around the world or from your couch.
  • Keep your family organized With Dropbox Family, everyone in your household can securely store and share photos, videos, and important files in one place.
  • Improve productivity
    Keep track of projects, schedules, and feedback without wasting time tracking down all the details.
  • Deliver completed projects
    Complete projects by sending finished files or large collections of files easily and securely, complete with password protection, expiration dates, and delivery confirmation.
  • Store and sync your passwords
    Easily log in to websites and apps with Dropbox passwords. Automatically sync with all your devices to access your passwords anywhere.
  • Recover lost work
    Rest assured that recovering files and version history is easy if you lose, delete, or accidentally edit files.
  • Manage your team with confidence
    Gain visibility into your team’s content, permissions, and activities so you can comply with policies and protect your corporate data.
  • Simplify electronic signatures
    Make it easier to manage legal documents by signing them and keeping them in one convenient, organized place.Get more out of Dropbox by connecting with the tools you love
  • Zoom integration
    Improve remote collaboration with Zoom Instant Meetings and video recording.
  • Slack integration
    Bring Slack conversations and Dropbox content together to keep teams in sync.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
    Easily and securely send files from Adobe Photoshop to clients and vendors.
  • Microsoft Office integration
    Easily access, edit, and share Office documents online in Dropbox.
  • Google Workspace integration
    Create, edit, and share Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Dropbox.
  • Trello integration
    Collaborate with Dropbox content on team projects in Trello.
  • Canvas integration
    Upload course files or assignments directly from Dropbox to Canvas.
  • Asana integration
    Track all of your team’s work with Asana while keeping Dropbox content.


  • Easy to use
  • Files are encrypted
  • Smart Sync feature
  • Allows file sharing for non-Dropbox users


  • Only 2 GB of free storage
  • Slow file transfer
Dropbox is often used at work for sharing files between colleagues. So, if you use your computer for your work, this application can be useful for you.
It has several features that make it a good choice for work, such as shareable content, templates for work, and additional schedules and deadlines that you can use for your work.
The good thing about installing this app on your system is that you don’t have to open your browser before sharing files, and you can already do that in the app. Dropbox is a very popular cloud service, and with this application for your computer, you’ll make it even easier to use it.

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